14 Facts About Sex That Can Tell You If You're 'Normal' ... or 'Kinky'

Sex can be many things: playful, tender, hot, silly, amazing, or even, at times, bewildering. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who has ever thought about sex and wondered, “Hmm, am I normal?”


There is a surprisingly large amount of research out there that can help the curious determine just how normal or kinky they might be. Assuming that you are an American woman over the age of 18, this is what normal looks like:

You started having sex as a teenager: the average age for first sexual experiences is 17 years old for women and by age 20, 75% of Americans have had unmarried sex.

You’re still having sex now: Over 90% of married women ages 30-39 years old have had sex in the past year. In fact, it isn’t until women are in their 70s that the majority (53%) of married women say they didn’t have sex in the last year. Hats off to the more than 40% of 70+ women still getting busy!

You didn’t wait for a ring on your finger to get frisky: 95% of Americans have had sex before marriage

You’ve masturbated in the last 90 days: More than half of women have enjoyed some one-on-one time with themselves while only 11% of women (and 5% of men) say they’ve never masturbated.

You’re comfortable using a sex toy: Over 52% of women have used (and enjoyed!) a vibrator, either alone or with a partner.

You don’t always have a big finish: Only 29% of women (and 75% of men, lucky dogs) report that they always have an orgasm with their partner. Interestingly, your partner might not realize this as 85% of men say their partner had an orgasm at the most recent sexual event but only 64% women said that they did.

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You’ve have more than one partner: According to the book Sex in America: A Definitive Survey, only 20% of men and 31% of women report only having one sexual partner. On the flip side, only 30% of women and 56% of men say they’ve had more than five partners.

You’ve gotten pregnant when you didn’t mean to: By the age of 45, more than half of women have had an unplanned pregnancy. One in three of those women will chose to have an abortion.

You’re not into S&M: 50 Shades might be popular, but that doesn’t mean you’re looking for a Mr. Grey of your very own. Only 5-10% of Americans regularly engage in S&M.

You don’t think about sex everyday: While 54% of men report thinking about sex on a daily basis, only 19% of women report the same. Why do I suspect most of us are just too darn tired to being day dreaming about sexy times?

You’re faithful: According to the Kinsey Institute, 10-15% of women and 20-25% of men will cheat at least once during a marriage. Infidelity is commonly cited as the number one reason for divorce.

Oral sex is on the menu: The majority of women ages 20-49 were both on the giving and receiving end in the last year. Yay for equality!

Anal sex isn’t on the menu: Anal sex rates are the highest for those adventurous souls in the 20-24 age range, but still only 23% report engaging in back door loving in the last year.

You’ve looked at porn but aren’t buying it: Most women have seen porn but only 49% have downloaded sexual material and only 11% have paid for an X-rated movie in the past year.

Regardless of how “normal” you are, I hope this list inspires you to get lucky tonight!

Did any of these facts surprise you?


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