Couple of 8 Years Didn't Say 'I Love You' ... 'Til Now (VIDEO)

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Since falling in love is such a personal, unique experience, you would think we'd all get that every couple reaches major milestones in their relationship at their own pace. But jaws are dropping and headlines are popping over Maia Leppo and Alex Kobzik, who, despite dating for the past eight years, have yet to say "I love you."


It's true. Maia and Alex live together, have a joint banking account, and are reportedly super-happy with one another. But in the almost decade they've been together, they have never once exchanged those three little (but MAJOR!) words that we all generally think of as the ultimate dealmaker in a monogamous relationship.

And it's not that they don't love one another, they say, but they just never said it. And then time went by, years and years, and they still hadn't said it, "but it never happened, and now it has gone on far too long," Maia tells The New York Times

But apparently, Maia took it upon herself to start steering their dialogue in a different direction recently. This American Life asked if anyone needed help to tell their partner something, and Maia wrote in. The producers chose her, and she ended up making a beautiful video for Alex.

Check out the viral video of him watching Maia FINALLY spill the beans -- that she L-O-V-E-S him! (Warning: His super-cute reaction will make your heart swell.)

Sure, it is a bit of a bummer and not exactly in line with our romantic comedy-inflated expectations that he didn't say "I love you" back. But the NY Times asked if he feels like he has to make a huge gesture back, and he said, "We'll see," so something may be in the works!

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What's more, the way he did react says SO much. You can see he loves her! That alone is worth more than a gazillion empty, half-hearted utterances of the sentiment, right? Ultimately, everyone has to say that in their own time and feel that the time is right when they say it. Otherwise, it won't carry nearly as much weight as it should.

Here's hoping that time comes soon for Maia and Alex. I mean, they're too cute for it not to!

How long did it take you and your partner to say "I love you"? Do you agree everyone says it in their own time?

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