Wives Confess: The 1 Thing I'd Change About My Husband

They say you should never marry someone and then try to change them. That may be good advice, but let's be honest here, we all probably have a tweak or two we'd happily make to our husbands!


My husband is smart and funny and awfully cute. I would say he is practically perfect when it comes to being married to me except for this one small thing: he has this way of eating chicken that makes me want to throw myself off a cliff.  

(Seriously. If we ever divorce, it will be because of the chicken thing.)

I suspected that I’m not alone in wishing there was something I could change about my husband so I took to my neighborhood Facebook page and posted the question “what is one thing you wish you could change about your husband?”

I got about 50 responses in 10 minutes. So. Yeah. Looks like we all want to make a minor tweak here or there:

“I secretly wish my husband was 4 inches taller. I love a tall guy.” -- Willow T.

“I wish he would sit on the couch with me and watch TV sometimes. The only time he watches TV is when he’s running on the treadmill and the only thing he watches is Mythbusters.” -- Laurie C.

“I wish mine understood what a deadline or due date was, he's horrid at paying bills in time for example. He blames the homonyms and the fact that in elementary school he would write down ‘do dates’ in his planner, not ‘due dates,’ thinking that the due date is when you ‘do’ it.” -- Jessica P.

“I wish my husband had hair! It’s all gone on the top, so he just shaves it. I do like the bald head look, but sometimes you just wish there was some hair there.” -- Claire H.

“A ‘to-do’ list ISN’T a suggestion. It is a list of things that need to get done, so get off the couch, lazypants!” -- Susan B.

“My husband is a carpenter/handyman and I wish he would actually work on our house. I’ve lost count of how many bathrooms he’s done since we decided to add one to our house. Still no second bathroom for us.” -- Emily C.

“I wish my husband would trim his ear hair before it got long enough for me to notice it.” -- Annie G.

“Horrible farts. Really, really horrible farts, especially after pizza night with the guys.” -- Jennifer J.

“I wish my husband would stay on his side of the bed at night! I can't handle the cuddling and snoring/breathing right in my ear!” -- Trisha S.

“He is my best friend but I wish he could listen like a girl best friend. You know what I mean, listen to my ranting and reply with ‘eff that person!', 'she totally had that coming’ or ‘I totally get it’ and ‘that IS BS!’ or whatever the situation calls for. He is so sweet for trying to actually solve the problem I’m bitching about, but what I really want is for him to let me vent about it while peppering in supporting phrases, knowing nods and glasses of wine.” -- Kim M.

“I wish that he was more outgoing. He is very introverted and a home-body. I’m much more gregarious. So, I go out with friends but it would be fun to go out with him from time to time. But he HATES it.” -- Shelly R.

“His insane budgeting and money tracking. It makes me crazy! I know he is just making sure we have savings and all we need (not want) but we have a roof, food in our bellies and clothes on our backs. Chill out a bit! --Carrie H.

“I wish he could remember that you CANNOT RECYCLE EGG CARTONS!! Also, if he was a better dancer it wouldn't make me mad. But at least he does dance.”  -- Natalie W.

“Sometimes I wish he’d realize that when I say I want a back rub, all I really want is a BACK RUB. I’m tired of massages that end up getting me pregnant!” -- Emme P.

“Is it wrong that I wish he had been born to a different woman? It wouldn’t seem wrong if you met my mother-in-law.” -- Patrice D.

“I wish he’d stop pretending that it takes 30 minutes to poop. I know you are just hiding from me and the kids in there, honey!” -- Sandra L.

Okay, now you spill it! What is one thing you wish you could change about your man?


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