​Divorce Hotel May Offer a Happy Ending for Couples Heading to Splitsville


There's a new thing for couples who want to get divorced and it involves a hotel, massages, bottles of wine, and chocolate. While it sounds more like a honeymoon, DivorceHotel is for married couples ready to end it -- they check in married, meet with mediators and lawyers and massage therapists, and check out divorced. It sounds perfect.


Divorce is awful even when you are the one ending it. It's a sad finish to something you thought was forever. I'll never forget signing my own divorce papers in a cold lawyer's office and then taking the elevator down with my ex. The two of us had an awkward hug goodbye as we left the building to head to the subway in different directions. It was quite the contrast to the day we said "I do."

I also remember "the dinner" we had when we were working out the details of our separation, the night before we had our appointment to see the mediator. We still lived together and we hired a babysitter to watch the kids while we went to a steakhouse to have an awkward dinner over tears and decided if we had to split my 401(K). I barely ate. But if my ex and I instead checked in to DivorceHotel, the massage therapy may have helped. As would the chocolates.

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DivorceHotel first had success in the Netherlands and now it's Stateside, lavishly facilitating divorces a couple of hours north of NYC in Saratoga Springs. Details are first discussed over emails and phone calls, and the soon-to-be divorced couple check in to separate rooms, each greeted with a basket of red wine, dark chocolate, and cookies -- all the things to get romantic or help with your sorrows. Divorce negotiations are followed by massage therapy, separately. After the weekend is over, the couple has all their legal paperwork together and agreed upon and have filed for divorce.

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Jack White had a divorce party. Why not have a divorce weekend getaway with your ex? I think it's a great idea, perfect for couples who aren't angry at each other and are ready to uncouple with kindness ... and a glass of wine and a massage. What doesn't go well with a glass of wine and a massage? Of course, I'm wondering if this leads any couples to forgo their private suites and use the opportunity to have one last hurrah together. It is a hotel, and a fancy one at that. If that ever happens and buried feelings are unearthed, then DivorceHotel is still well worth it because it made the couple realize they want to be together.

As I'm always saying to my kids, "be kind and gentle" -- DivorceHotel seems to make the ending of your marriage just that. Easing the pain of divorce is always welcome.

What do you think of DivorceHotel? Good idea or bad?


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