This 1 Body Part May Reveal if Your Man Will Cheat

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Worried your man might have an affair? According to a new UK study, looking at one (small) part of his body gives you a surprisingly good indication. And it's not the part you might think ...


A new study published in the journal Biology Letters confirms: we're all genetically predisposed to "stay" or "stray." Some of us are hardwired to want long, lasting relationships with one partner. Others don't desire emotional attachment as much and do just fine with short-term affairs.

Okay, so maybe that doesn't come as such a big shock. (Sometimes it takes science years to catch up with what the rest of us figured out in high school.)

But here's what's really fascinating: To expand on this theory that we're predisposed to be faithful or not, researchers found a connection between sexual promiscuity and ... finger length.

And no, that's not a euphemism.

A long ring finger, in relation to the middle finger beside it, indicates a higher exposure to testosterone in the womb. It also means that a person is more likely to favor short-term relationships with multiple partners.

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Fifty-seven percent of men interviewed (and who had their right hands scrutinized and photocopied) for the study fell into the short-term dating category, as compared to 47 percent of women. But researchers found that both men and women fall into groups of "longer finger type" (prone to infidelity) and "shorter finger type" (more apt to commit).

That said, study researchers were careful to point out that environmental and cultural factors can "fine-tune" a person's genetic disposition. Just because your husband -- or you -- have a ridiculously long ring finger doesn't mean your marriage is doomed.

But whether you believe this research or not, our guess is that you're going to ask your hubby to see his hands when he gets home from work.

What does your ring finger reveal about you? And is it right?


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