'50 Shades' Early Ticket Sales Tell Us a LOT About the State of Women's Sex Lives​​

dakota johnson jamie dornan fifty shadesFifty Shades of Grey may be just a movie. A sexy, romantic movie opening on Valentine's Day weekend that a lot of women all over the country have been plotting to see since the day they first got hot and bothered by EL James' novels. But it may also be a phenomenon that tells us a LOT about the sex lives -- or lack thereof -- of movie-goers! Take, for instance, news from Fandango.com about exactly who appears to be most eager to see the film ...


We know advance ticket sales have been MAJOR for the flick. In fact, it accounted for 60 percent of all Fandango ticket sales this week. And according to Fandango, most early Fifty Shades sales are coming from ... the South!

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Arkansas is one of the top states for advance tickets, while Mississippi has sold more. Alabama, where sex toys are still banned by law, is also a top seller for tickets, as are West Virginia and Kentucky. Yowza!

So, can we make a pretty educated guess that although people in those states are all about coming off as southern belles and gents on the streets, they're actually freaks in the sheets?! Perhaps, because other findings hint strongly at that being the case -- and also bring to light a few other fun facts about Southerners' sex lives!

A survey of 1,000 people from Trojan, conducted in 2012, reported that 53 percent of people in the South said their sex lives needed recharging. (That was compared to 43 percent of East Coasters, 48 percent out West, and 51 percent in the Midwest.) In other words, they were the most hard-up (no pun intended ...) for experiencing a bit more heat and spice between the sheets!

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Further, 44 percent of Southern women surveyed said they fake orgasms (bummer!). But that's not for lack of trying, darnit! Because roughly one-third of residents in Southern cities -- Miami and Atlanta, specifically -- said they're "charged up and ready for sex at all hours of the day." Ow ow!  

Clearly, we can conclude that if you live south of the Mason-Dixon line, you're horny, but like Mick Jagger once sang, you can't get no satisfaction! And boom: There couldn't BE a more perfect storm for lots of Southern ladies lining up to see Fifty Shades of Grey!

Why do you guess advance ticket sales are higher in the South?


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