The Worst Valentine's Date I Ever Had

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How are those Valentine's Day plans going? With the exception of your wedding day, I can't think of another day that has such high expectations for romantic perfection. Which is why the holiday is such a perfect setup for total disaster -- as these women all know! 


Shattered rose, shattered dreams

"A former boyfriend once gave me a beautiful glass rose on Valentine's Day. I thought it was the prettiest, most romantic gift ever. But that same day I found out he was cheating on me, so I threw the glass rose against the wall and it shattered (and so did I; it was very dramatic). A few days later, I forgave him (or believed his latest cover-up story) and used super glue to put the rose back together. As you can probably imagine, this precarious repair (of the rose or the relationship) didn't last long." -- Sheri R.

Valentine's What?

"I went to visit my boyfriend at his college for the weekend, which was about four hours from mine. On Valentine's Day, he left me at his fraternity house to attend the final day of sorority rush. He came back later that afternoon completely wasted and wanted to take a nap to sleep it off. When he woke up, I asked him where we were going for dinner and he looked at me like I had two heads. He had not made reservations anywhere. We wound up at a local BBQ joint, and I paid!! After I left, I went back to my college and never heard from him again. Go figure." -- Mary H. 

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Love is orange soda

"I once went on a semi-date with a dude on Valentine's Day where we went through the drive through at Mickey D's for two orange sodas. The weird part? The people in front of us only got two orange sodas, also!" -- Nicole G.

There IS such a thing as too much hand-holding

"Once a guy took me out to a restaurant. He held my hand the entire time. From the time I got out of the car, all the way through the meal (and eating pasta with one hand was not fun) and afterwards. I asked him to take me to Starbucks and get me a hot chocolate just so he'd let go of my hands while I held the cup!" -- Anonymous

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A gentleman takes the rap for his date

"I was 19 and in a school play. I was playing a hippie and one of my props was rolling papers. A guy I was sort-of dating came to see the play and then we made plans to go downtown and hang out by NYU. Because we were just so smart, we decided to light up a joint by Washington Square Park. As he had the thing in his hand, a man stopped us and he turned out to be an undercover cop. Out of nowhere, four cops appeared and broke us up to question us, as if we were criminals.

"Perhaps because he knew my parents would have killed me if I got arrested, or maybe because he was just a sweet gentleman, the guy took the fall and said it was his marijuana and I had nothing to do with it. He ended up spending the night in jail and I was set free. Thankfully, they didn't search me and find my 'prop.' What a night!" -- Lisa F. 

So romantic she fell asleep on him

"I had made these super romantic plans for a candlelit dinner at this fancy restaurant. Alas, I got the flu and I got it hard, but I still wanted to do something! So, in my flu-like state ... I got a heart shaped pizza and red wine to eat home together at the coffee table. It was still romantic but I fell asleep half-way through dinner with a slice of pizza in hand and he put me to bed." -- Anonymous

Have you ever had a Valentine's date go terribly wrong?



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