A Love Letter to the Woman I Call My Husband

Sandra Telep jb

My True Love,

It’s been nearly 14 years since that day we met in college and the courses of our lives merged. We’ve been through quite a lot -- we’ve shared joys and sorrows, explored the world, and built a home. We’ve grown from young kids in love to parents of our own beautiful children, and I look forward to growing old by your side.


I know the current chapter of our lives is dominated by our focus on our 4-year-old and 2-year-old, but I hope you still know that I’m more in love with you than I’ve ever been. My love for you has grown, not in spite of the distraction of parenting but because of sharing this challenge. One of the greatest joys of my life is watching my loved ones love each other. Being a witness to the love you share with our children and the fervor with which they reflect that love back to you is a privilege I cherish.

The best thing I’ve ever done for my children was to choose you as my co-parent. Even before we decided to have kids, I knew you’d be a great parent. Still, you surprise me daily with how perfectly you play the role. You connect with our kids on their level and can have long, meaningful conversations about the world and life with them. You are generous with your attention, silliness, patience, and affection. You teach them by example as you model manners, kindness, dependability, and unconditional love. My greatest wish for them is that they inherit your gentle spirit and decency. Should they choose to partner, I trust they will seek someone who treats them as well as they’ve watched you treat me and will return that same adoration and respect back to their partner. Should they choose to parent, I know they will build on the foundation you’ve laid and nurture their children earnestly and enthusiastically.

And when our kids are grown and we find ourselves empty nesters? I know we will only find ourselves closer than ever because you are a partner in every sense of the word. You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. You jump in with laundry, dishes, cooking, and taking out the garbage. Then, on top of it all, you still manage to stay connected with me. I still enjoy your company so much after all these years. I could talk with you for hours or sit next to you in silence contentedly. You are my favorite person in the whole world, and I suspect you feel the same way about me. We are so lucky.

There are so many reasons I’m grateful to have you in my life. For the amazing job you do as a parent to our children. For sharing the workload in this monumental job of building a family. But most of all, for the company on the journey. Thank you.

All my love,



Written by Sandra Telep. Sandra is a West Philly Mama (not born and raised, but the playground is where she spends most of her days). She's a former professional activist turned stay-at-home-mom who is happily married to her best friend. Together they parent a precocious preschooler and a vivacious toddler. She blogs about parenting as a queer, Latina feminist reclaiming family values at westphilllymama.com.

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