Gwen Stefani Considers It a 'Miracle' Her Marriage Lasted 'This Long'

Gwen Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, have been through a tremendous amount in their 12 years as a married couple. They're raising three little boys together while both have continued to juggle busy music careers and her fashion career. Oh, and then there was that one time when Gavin discovered he was the father of a then-14-year-old named Daisy Lowe—no biggie, right?—but the couple pulled through, anyhow. Gwen recently revealed how on earth it's still possible they are a solid couple.


The 45-year-old The Voice judge opened up with Cosmopolitan magazine about her relationship, calling it a "miracle" that they "could stay together this long." She added that one of the reasons she feels they are making it work while so many celebrity marriages disintegrate around them is because they have both retained their individuality, do their own things, and find time for themselves—something she notes (and she's right) can be especially difficult for women to do.

Gwen and Gavin, 49, got married in September 2002 and Gwen is still gushing about how cute and handsome she thinks her husband is, which is pretty adorable. But, more importantly, she says she values him for being a good husband and dad.

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I want to jump up and down for Gwen because I adore her and because I consider any lasting marriage a triumph. But, holy cow, does anyone else find it sad that 12 years is being spoken about as if it's a lifetime? I can't help but wonder what folks who are celebrating their silver wedding anniversaries—or, hell, their golden anniversaries—think about Gwen's advice. Would they laugh and say, Oh, sweetie, there's more to it than that?

In the circles that Gwen and Gavin run with, 12 years is a long time, but get a load of this: it's also an insane four years longer than the average marriage lasts in the United States (just eight years!). And that's eight years between couples who aren't constantly facing the pressures of fame and temptation.

Given these grim statistics, I'm not just going to shrug off the star's advice. She may be on to something after all.

What are your thoughts on Gwen's "long" marriage and advice?


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