I Can't Stop Sending Valentines to Everyone!

valentine card

I am single and I don't have a valentine again this year (seriously, where is Prince Charming anyway?). But that doesn't stop me from celebrating Valentine's Day with a passion. I adore the whole thing -- hearts, flowers, bubbles, candy...and sending Valentine's Day cards.

Yes, I still send valentines. I have for years, and I love doing it. Why? Because I think of this less as a holiday only for the partnered up and more as a general day of celebrating love!




You see, love comes in many forms beyond just the romantic kind. So why shouldn't that be championed by Cupid as well? I am super grateful for my friends and family, and I use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to let them know. So, that means spending hours filling out and/or making cards decorated with a lot of red and pink and glitter and sappy sayings to post to people I care about. 

And here's another secret ... I know people (myself included) still enjoy opening their mailbox and finding something in there (beyond a bill or advertisement). It's becoming a rarity! We live in a world today that is ladened with texting and cyber-correspondence, and that is great for quick communications. But what about actually showing someone you care?

There is something so special about getting a tangible expression of admiration via the postal service. Something you can put on your table or set up on your fireplace mantle; something that is not accidentally deletable, but rather could be kept for a while. 

When I mail a valentine, I know I'm not just sending a card ... I am sending a smile. It's an unexpected reminder of a simpler time -- like when we wrote notes to crushes at school or exchanged cards with the whole class. But even beyond that, it's showing someone that you've taken more than two seconds out of your day to let them know they matter to you.  

My friends have long joked that I should own a card shop, and some even rib me about my single-handed quest to keep the exchange of valentines alive. But you know what? Some of them have started sending them back to me as well. And I find myself feeling like I've received a huge, heartwarming hug every time that happens.

So, do I wish I had a romantic valentine this year? You bet! But I'm not wallowing. I'm celebrating the season of love in the best way I know how ... by spreading it!

How about you? Do you still send Valentine's Day cards?


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