Starbucks & Host Valentine's Dating Experiment You'll Want to Spy On

starbucks dating

If you’re someone who enjoys people watching and seeing relationships struggle through excruciating awkwardness (True Tori viewers, this one’s for you!), stop by your local Starbucks on Friday, February 13. 

The java giant and online dating site are consciously coupling to spread a whole lotta (or is it latte?) love just in time for Valentine's Day.


Coffee-loving singles will find a 'Meet at Starbucks' section on the matchmaking app and can set up what the Seattle-based retailer hopes will become "the world's largest Starbucks date."

So, moms, even if your marriage has lost a bit of its spark over the years, what with kids, laundry, and bills piling up, you may want to take a moment to drop in and feel better about dropping out of the dating arena. Grab a friend and watch a poor man's version Millionaire Matchmaker play out right before your very eyes!

If that whole scene sounds absolutely cringe-worthy to you, just make sure you and the kids find another joint to get your joe that day or you could be the one feeling mighty uncomfortable.

Let's set the scene (and remember, this is Friday the 13th, so what could possibly go wrong?): It's hot and the windows begin to fog as countless milk steamers run simultaneously and raw heat emanates from these lonely singles. Near the chai tea display, one couple begins disrobing ... In another corner, a pair of 20-somethings shout a series of getting-to-know you questions, struggling to be heard above the warbling of Norah Jones. 

"Where did you grow up?”

“How long have you been a graphic designer?”

"So, you still live with your parents?"

Your son, with his bladder bulging from several boxes of organic chocolate milk that cost more than a barista earns in an hour, looks up at you confused:

Mommy, there's a man crying in the bathroom. He says he'll never find love and he's refusing to come out until he does. I tried to use the ladies' room but people are in there giggling and moaning.

Don't say you haven't been warned! 

But if the would-be lovebirds don't make a connection, at least they can take advantage of a decent deal -- a raspberry mocha and cookie combo is selling for $5. Who doesn't love a cheap date?

Will you stop by Starbucks to watch this spectacle unfold? 

Image © Ted S. Warren/ /AP/Corbis

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