The 14 Most Romantic Lines From Famous Love Letters

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Love letters are not old fashioned, and they're not a thing of the past. They're actually really romantic. Every one of us deserves to read a longhand letter every now and then that tells us we are seen and all the ways we are loved. No need to get out the calligraphy pen and scented stationery -- any pen to paper will do -- but a little love letter inspiration will definitely help.


In our ridiculously busy lives, especially for busy parents, our relationships (even the good ones!) often take the back seat to the kids and work and even getting dinner on the table. Most of us are lucky enough to send or receive a quick "love you" text a few times a month. It's simply not enough. We gotta do more. Show more love. And tell the people in our lives how much they mean to us. It'll mean so very much.

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Do you fumble for the right words when you're trying to express your love? Take inspiration from these famous love letters. French novelists, English poets, rock stars, and even Ronald Reagan (yes, really!) have penned some of the most romantic, sigh-able lines we've ever read.

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