5 Old-School Ways to Romance Your Spouse

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We seem to have a particular affinity for traditional, old-school things in our house. I embrace traditional real food preparation methods, I prefer old-school toys and games for kids, and I enjoy old-fashioned family values like sitting down to the dinner table together.

As it turns out, we're also kinda old-school in our love life too. We're coming up on our 12th anniversary this spring (which is nuts, really), and instead of kicking it up a notch in the romance department, as seems to be the trend in our culture, we're actually getting intentional about lowering the bar a little.

No huge and public displays that cost a bajillion dollars. No fancy and expensive gifts (can't afford 'em anyway). No pressure and crazy expectations that only end wind up becoming a let-down.

In other words: our romantic efforts are not worthy of a viral video on YouTube.


They're simple. Old-fashioned. A couple of lovers, exhausted from the daily grind of life with young kids and chores and working to pay the bills, just digging in and connecting on a heart-level, day after day.

Sometimes, the rut gets wide and we get stuck. Sometimes we let our irritation and exhaustion from the day nudge its way in where it doesn't belong. Between us. So back to the basics we go.

When we remember to do these sorts of things? When we actually give them a fair shake? They're intoxicating. Those happy, romantic hormones get fired up, and the mood in the home is noticeably better.

At 2, 4, and 6, the kids are still too young to understand the complexities of a marital relationship, but they do know that everyone's in a better mood when Mommy and Daddy are being lovey-dovey to one another.

Here are our five favorite old-school romantic moves that are all-too-often neglected:

1. Candlelit dinner. Our family actually loves to eat dinner by candlelight on a regular basis, but a candlelit dinner becomes uber-romantic by one simple act: making alternate dining arrangements for those sweet, darling children of ours. A nice meal, including dessert, with candles. The perfect setting for heart-to-heart reconnection.

2. Lingerie. It's a post about romance -- you had to know it was coming. For those of us who have been married a number of years and had a bunch of kids, lingerie may have taken a backseat as of late. I'm bringing it back, baby. Uh, after I find it in the back of my closet, that is.

3. Flirting. You know the sweet spot. You know the thing that'll make your partner swoon. Flirty texts? Baking their fave treat? A little "just because" gift? Grabbing his butt in the kitchen while cooking dinner and dancing to Taylor Swift? A 30-second back rub for no reason at all? Do all of the above, or do just one thing. Be cheesy or be serious. Just get flirty.

4. Kissing. The "well, duh" item on the list that is highly underrated. Kissing doesn't get enough attention, but its magical romance powers are not to be forgotten. Some couples commit to kissing daily for 10 seconds or longer. In other words -- lock those lips!

5. Heartfelt notes in cards. My number one favorite thing to receive from the hubs has always been -- and will always be -- a simple card with his heart spilled out in words. He doesn't do it often, which makes it even more meaningful. Hallmark has some gorgeous cards to choose from -- my hubby’s not exactly Martha Stewart and loves picking the perfect card at the store that he thinks I’ll love (and he’s pretty good at it).

I have no hope of receiving this sort of thing on a regular basis, but if I get it once a year, I'm a happy woman. Being the more word-full one in the relationship, this comes a lot more easily to me.

What's your favorite old-school romance move? Try to #PutYourHeartToPaper this year, and turn it up a notch!


Written by Beth Ricci. Beth, a freelance writer and blogger at Red and Honeylives in Canada with her husband and three kids, ages 6, 4, and 2. 

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