The Greatest Stress Reliever You Can Give Your Husband -- Besides Sex

guys night outWomen, it's time to kick your man out of the house. Hey, it's for his own good! Apparently, bonding with the guys relieves stress for males even better than date night with you -- which, if you think about it, is not all that surprising.


Okay, we'll level with you: This is based on a study done on macaque apes. But you know, men, apes, what's the diff?

Haha. Just kidding, guys. Geez, calm down.

Anyway, scientists looked at groups of Barbary macaques and found that their stress hormones rose when they hung out with their mates and other family members. Uh oh, a night home with the wife and kids is stressful? What the heck is going on in these ape homes?

But when the apes hung with their male crew, that stress subsided. "Male macaques form social bonds similar to human friendships that buffer them against day-to-day stressors," says University of Gottingen researcher Christopher Young. They also care for each other by picking out bugs from each other's fur. Ladies, when was the last time you did that for your man?

So is this really proof that men need guys' nights out? It does seem to contradict other studies that show that being married relieves stress for men, especially if they consider their wife their best friend.

But even if you're metaphorically picking the bugs out of your husband's fur (making him feel cared for), there's just a different kind of energy and support you get from a group of friends. That need to go out with the guys isn't about you, or what your marriage is lacking. It's about letting others care for your man in ways you can't and maybe even don't want to. Just like girls' night out helps you!

How do you feel about your husband's guys' nights out -- does he seem less stressed after them?


Image via Maksym Poriechkin/Shutterstock

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