20 Ways to Surprise Him With Your Love

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Love is in the air, and you want your honey to know it! There are so many different ways to surprise your guy and let him know how much you love him -- and many of them won't cost you a dime. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.


sweet and sexy surprises for your man

1. Make him a personalized music video. Oh, you're not a world-famous music video director? No problem! You can use one using an online tool like Animoto.

2. Send him on an errand fake-out date. You ask him to run an errand, like picking up mulch at the hardware store. Then you get a sitter and have someone drive you to the same place and surprise! You have tickets to a movie instead! (Deal with the mulch later.)

3. Slip him a sexy love letter. Put it someplace unexpected, like his car steering wheel, inside his coat pocket or glove, rolled up around his toothbrush.

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4. Test drive your dream car. Go ahead, dream a little. Is there an impossibly fancy car he's been drooling over? See if you can take it for a spin at a nearby dealership.

5. Play truth or dare. Get intimate fast! But for best results, buy a game or come up with some questions and dares just in case either of you goes blank.

6. Make him a fake iPad. This "iDad" idea is brilliant. You could easily use the same idea to make one for your man, writing a sexy or sweet note under each icon. 

7. Rent a tandem bike. I've done this, and I'll level with you: It's super awkward at first. But you'll pick it up quickly. It's a fun way to explore cooperation, and you'll laugh a lot.

8. Get tickets to something he loves. Whether it's his favorite team or his favorite band, surprise him with a pair of tickets to a live event he'll love.

9. Write a message on his car. This is a sweeter version of writing "wash me" in the windshield dirt. Use dry erase markers so the message will come off easily, later on, when he's finally ready to drive to work.

10. Greet him at the door wearing nothing but one of his button-up shirts. No explanation needed there! Oh, maybe make sure the kids are elsewhere.

11. Paper hearts leading up to his dream breakfast. Look how sweet this Valentine's Day surprise turned out, with a trail of paper hearts leading up to a plate of donuts with more hearts! Whatever he loves for breakfast, set up a similar surprise for when he gets out of the shower.

12. Surprise him in the shower. Better yet, just hop in there with him while he's showering. Soap each other up and see what happens next. (Just not on a day when either of you is late or in a hurry!)

13. Put a special note and treat in his lunch. If your guy brings his lunch, write him a little love letter and attach it to his favorite treat, whether that's beef jerky or a candy bar.

14. Romantic autocorrect. Do this only if your man has a great sense of humor! Set up his iPhone autocorrect so the words "I love you" appear ever time he types the word "the."

15. Love alarm. More fun with his phone! Change his morning alarm text to read something like "Rise and Shine, Love of My Life!"

16. Go commando. When it's just the two of you, "forget" your underwear. Maybe slip a lacy pair in his pocket when he's not looking. "Oops! I forgot to put this on! Hee hee!"

17. Write out a list of things you love about him and frame it. Or use playing cards to make a "52 Things I Love About You" book.

18. Fill up his tank. When he's busy with something else, sneak out and fill his car tank with gas. Or do some other tedious chore he always procrastinates doing.

19. Make him a 21st-century mix tape. Make him a mix of songs that remind you of him or that are special to the two of you on Spotify, then send it to him with a love note.

20. Make a photo book of shared moments. Use Snapfish or Shutterfly to create a printed photo album of your favorite moments together -- for the year or your entire relationship.

Have you ever done any of these? Do you have any other fun ways to surprise your husband?


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