15 Women Share the Most Romantic Gifts They've Ever Received

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Despite long-running jokes about bumbling, clueless husbands, it's not all that uncommon for our guys to do something that catches us completely off-guard now and then. Something utterly romantic and incredibly memorable!


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We reached out to the CafeMom community about the most romantic gifts they've ever received. Prepare for your heart to melt!

1. "After a particularly long and exhausting week as a SAHM by day, part-time commercial cleaner by night, I left work to go home and found the words 'I love you' spelled out in conversation hearts on the seat of my car. My husband had bundled up our 2-year-old and gone out to get the candy and then driven to work, leaving the surprise for me." -- Annie A., Vernon, CT

2. "For my birthday last year, he gave me a first edition of my all-time favorite book, The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery. He'd remembered a comment I'd made years before about how that would be kind of cool to have. I forgot I made that comment, but he didn't. I cried when I opened it. By far the sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever. He's pretty excellent at picking out gifts." -- Nicole P., Northern UT

3. "My husband photocopied ticket stubs, Playbills, photos, etc., of all the special times we'd shared over the years and compiled them into a book. That was my Valentine that year. It was amazingly thoughtful!" -- Amy B., New Hooe, PA

4. "My husband always goes all out on my birthday. One year, before we got married, he surprised me with a weekend trip to a B&B in upstate New York. Even though it was February and cold, we still had a wonderful time. The place was beautiful that we stayed in, and we had a fireplace in our room and a bathroom with a claw-foot tub. It was an artsy small town, so we spent the day walking around, checking out local galleries, and eating. I hope that we can go back again some day for another romantic weekend." -- Amy H., Flushing, NY

5. "When my husband was deployed, he sent me a box of my favorite chocolates and a teddy bear dressed in army fatigues with the words 'your loving teddy bear' stitched on the front for my birthday. On the collar, he pinned a replica of his unit patch. I still have the bear, and it 'sleeps' on his side of the bed whenever he's away." -- Holly M., Pittsburgh, PA

6. "This is going to sound silly, but the most romantic gift I've ever received was my very first gift from my husband when we were dating: A set of knives. At first, I was confused why he would get me knives, and then it became apparent. I had cheap, dollar knives when I first moved out that I was still using, and I'd cut myself more than once trying to slice potatoes or vegetables, because they'd slip. He wanted me to stop hurting myself, so he got me good-quality sharp knives. We've been married seven years and together for nine, and I still use those knives to this day!" -- Leah L., Colorado Springs, CO

7. "My children. We are still 'us' apart from our children, but each of them has been a huge part of our life together. I love how excited my husband is when we find out we're expecting again, disappointed when we aren't, and so ecstatic to finally meet them when they arrive!" -- Amy H., St. Paul, MN

8. "Most people would find this weird, but the most romantic gift I ever received was a top of the line, very expensive motorcycle helmet. It was just handed to me without fanfare, but it showed me just how much he valued my well-being. A few years later, that helmet saved my life in an accident!" -- Jan D., NE

9. "Before our first date, when we were on the phone, I mentioned briefly to my now-husband that I love collecting statues of mythological creatures, and as part of our first date, he took me to the only store in our area to carry such items and bought me a wonderful, numbered collectors' item. It is a little clock of a red 'watch dragon' curled up under a table covered with a purple tablecloth with a wizards' spell book, bottles, and other stuff." -- Melanie R., Mojave, CA

10. "The best was when my husband (then boyfriend) was leaving town for a week. He left cards hidden around my house for me to find each day. It was so sweet. I still have them!" -- Desirae D., Milwaukee, WI 

11. "My boyfriend (now my husband) drove an hour to leave a rose under my windshield wiper." -- Crystal T., Fort Worth, TX

12. "As our first Valentine's Day approached, my SO warned me that he wouldn't be able to afford to get me a gift. Instead, he'd be making me something. His gift to me was a steel heart with 'R & D' drilled into it (our initials). He welded a flat piece on the bottom and a kickstand on the back so that it would stand up. He was worried that I wouldn't like it, because the heart 'isn't perfect.' It was the sweetest, most romantic thing any man has ever done for me." -- Danita M., San Antonio, TX

13. "One Mother's Day, my husband surprised me with roses and a card. This is common for him, so I wasn't surprised by the roses, but inside the card, he had written me the sweetest letter. He dedicated a rose for each one of our children and thanked me for each of them. He isn't good with words and expressing his emotions, so for him to write such a heartfelt letter that showed me how much he loves me and how much he appreciates me meant the world." -- Brittany S., Barney, GA

14. "I love the movie Love Story and the theme song. One year, my hubby got me a hand-painted jewelry box that when opened plays the theme. He has a hard time to this day topping that one, but honestly everything from him is romantic!" -- Anonymous

15. "My husband knows how much I love flowers, but I also do not care much for the bouquets from the store. So he went and bought me a rose bush for each year we had been married! I had a bed of 18 rose bushes, and he adds one to the bed each year. That way I have a lasting gift. Come October, it will be 38 years." -- Ellen W., Oxford, GA

What's the most romantic gift you've ever received?


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