14 Guys Confess Their Favorite Romance Movies of All Time

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Hollywood's romantic films are notoriously all about the gender stereotyping. For better or worse, lovey-dovey movies based on Nicholas Sparks' books or starring Adam Sandler opposite Drew Barrymore are targeted directly to female audiences. But that doesn't mean that guys aren't sneaking a peek at romantic flicks -- and even picking a few favorites!


Many guys will act like they're doing us a HUGE favor when they sit down with us to watch that new rom-com we've been dying to see. They'll roll their eyes, act all put out, and tell us we definitely owe them one. It's as if we're asking them to endure some sort of horrifying torture for us. Of course, we've always wondered if this was not some sort of big act they were putting on in the name of "the guy code" or something ... That's why we decided to poll some men -- dads, non-dads, gay, straight, attached, and single -- to find out if we could trouble them to name a favorite in the romance movie genre.

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Turns out we found more than a dozen men who were more than happy to name what they believe to be the Most Romantic Movie of All Time! And their picks are sure to raise a few eyebrows. Check them out. 

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