10 Men Reveal What They Really Want for Valentine's Day

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I don't know if you've noticed, but Valentine's gifts sure look like they're made for women -- all that pink, red, lacy-doily froofery. So my brain kind of melts every time I try to think of what to get my guy for Valentine's Day. You too?


That's why this year we asked a bunch of guys what they want for Valentine's Day. Straight up asked them. WHAT? DO? YOU? WANT? It goes without saying that they all want some canoodling. Ahem. But besides that, here's what they told us.

1. "I literally want a box of chocolates," says Paul, married dad of one. "Which means I will buy said box, hand it to my wife, and say, 'Here's what you're giving me for Valentine's Day.'" So, no surprise or thought going into that gift, but at least he gets what he wants. Maybe more women should do this? Guys like chocolate too!

2. "I just want to watch Dance Moms with my boo," says Dan, married dad of one. For some women, that might be a big stretch.

3. "I'd like a massage for both of us. My wife and I haven't really done something 'just for us' since our daughter was born four years ago, so we're overdue for some pampering, and it wouldn't be any fun unless we were together," says Jason, dad of one daughter.

4. "I like stuff from ManCrates.com," Jesse, married for a year and a half, tells us. "Fine leather goods and cologne sound nice too." Wow, pointing out a whole website -- that makes his lady's job a lot easier.

5. "Guys don't really expect anything for themselves on Valentine's Day," says a man who has been in a relationship for a year and a half and clearly knows how to give a good boyfriend answer. "We just want to know our woman's expectations for the day so we can make it special for her." Aww! (That still does not help me at all.)

Next we perused Reddit to see what the guys there say they want for Valentine's.

6. "I'd like to continue our tradition of shifting Valentine's Day to a mutually agreed future date that allows us to buy twice as many flowers and eat at a much better restaurant for the same price," says straydog1980. Right? How many of you have tried the same strategy -- avoiding the holiday price-gouging? Smart.

7. "I'd really like to be surprised with ... anything, really," says Dr_Coxian. "I know I want a big hug. And a slice of pie." But since this user is named after a very sarcastic character on Scrubs, we probably shouldn't take his suggestion too seriously.

8. "Pounds and pounds of frozen Reese's cups," says a user called EatsMeat. "Like a financially irresponsible amount of them." That's actually a cute idea -- loads and loads of your guy's favorite candy.

9. User Tarcanus says what a lot of men secretly wish for on Valentine's Day: "I just really want a day where I get to make zero decisions and have zero responsibility for those decisions." You pick the restaurant, the time, everything, and he'll go along with it all. None of this "Where do you want to go ... I don't know ... Where do you want to go?" back and forth.

10. "ZERO obligations," says user Madworldz. We're picking up on a theme here! Is there too much pressure on this day? "Just cuddle up with me and let's watch a movie. I don't want to go out and buy a dinner. I don't want to do this or that. Just give me the pleasure of being my personal blanket for the night and hold me like it's the end of the world." There's something so sweet about that. But I wonder if his lady has something a little more exciting in mind.

Have you cracked the code? What does your man want for Valentine's Day?


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