11 Effortless But Thoughtful Last-Minute Valentine Gifts (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Feb 4, 2015 Love & Sex

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If you're pressed for time -- and who isn't? -- or just lacking in creativity when it comes to finding the perfect present for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day, don't fret. 

Just because you've procrastinated, your beloved never needs to know, thanks to these incredibly thoughtful last-minute gift ideas! Even better? Conveniently, they fit right inside your card, saving you from the added chore of wrapping.

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You won't need to spend hours at the mall or driving from place to place to find most of these items. Some require a computer and a bit of research, while others will have you scouring the house for mementos that harken back to the happy days of early courtship. 

We'd love to see any of these coming our way, but #4 sounds particularly good to us! 

Do you have a fall-back Valentine's Day gift plan in place?  

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  • Old Photo


    Maybe you were high school sweethearts or met while attending a mutual friend's wedding? No matter when your love story began, chances are you've got some great old photos that'll bring back some special memories. Include one in a card and then take a romantic walk down memory lane. 

  • Concert Tickets


    Does your sweetie love live music? Why not find out who's coming to town and pick up some tickets to a show? It's not only a great surprise, but it gives you a guaranteed date night to look forward to. 

  • Clue to a Scavenger Hunt


    Doesn't embarking on a scavenger hunt seem like such a romantic undertaking? (Unless you're the characters from Gone Girl, of course!) Consider sending your sweetie on a short or long expedition that ultimately leads to their Valentine's Day present -- you! 

  • Restaurant Reservation


    Is there a new restaurant you've been dying to try? Make a reservation and then slip a review of the eatery into the card with a note about your upcoming date. It's thoughtful, fun, and gives you something to anticipate together! And make sure to schedule a babysitter if you need one!

  • Subscription To ...


    I know a guy who loves to sample new cheeses, but as a busy dad, he rarely has the time to hit the gourmet markets to check out new offerings. As a gift, his thoughtful wife gave him a subscription to a cheese club that ships selections right to his door on a monthly basis! If your partner loves wine, beer, or even coffee, sign them up for a similar service. Lengths vary so even if you can only afford a few months, it's the thought that counts!

  • Coupon Booklet


    Foot rubs, back massage, sleeping in on a weekend morning? Who wouldn't love those? Make your own coupon for your sweetheart -- or, if you're feeling generous, throw in a few! 

  • Love Letter


    Once kids come along, you might not have a minute to thank your partner for all the love and support they give you all year long. Here's your chance to change that. Set aside some time, grab a pen -- a text or email love letter just won't do -- and write a heartfelt missive that lets him know just how much he means to you.

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  • A Year of Pre-Planned Dates


    Are you the social director when it comes to date night? Or do you book a sitter and then spend hours wondering how you should spend those few kid-free hours so you can really reconnect and make the most of the time?

    Lauren, of The Thinking Closet, came up with this amazing idea to give the gift of pre-planned dates. Whether it's a year or even a few months worth, this is a perfect chance to outline all those things you've wanted to do together!

  • Tickets to a Sporting Event


    With basketball and hockey seasons in full swing, consider picking up tickets to a sporting event. It's a fun night out and cheering for your favorite team together is much more fun than watching from the couch.

  • Lottery Tickets


    So this one might not sound terribly romantic, but imagine if you have a winning ticket? Best Valentine's Day of your life, right? You know what they say, "You gotta be in it to win it!"

  • Gift Certificate


    Who doesn't love receiving a gift certificate to one of their favorite places? With almost all businesses offering gift cards of any domination, it's a no-brainer!

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