11 Effortless But Thoughtful Last-Minute Valentine Gifts (PHOTOS)

couple valentine's day

If you're pressed for time -- and who isn't? -- or just lacking in creativity when it comes to finding the perfect present for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day, don't fret. 

Just because you've procrastinated, your beloved never needs to know, thanks to these incredibly thoughtful last-minute gift ideas! Even better? Conveniently, they fit right inside your card, saving you from the added chore of wrapping.


valentine gift box

You won't need to spend hours at the mall or driving from place to place to find most of these items. Some require a computer and a bit of research, while others will have you scouring the house for mementos that harken back to the happy days of early courtship. 

We'd love to see any of these coming our way, but #4 sounds particularly good to us! 

Do you have a fall-back Valentine's Day gift plan in place?  

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