9 Most Popular Sex Questions We Secretly Ask Google Revealed

couple in bed laptopIf you've ever stayed up late Googling crazy questions about sex (not that I have, heh heh ...), there's one thing you should know: You're not alone. Our searches reveal that we are ALL wigging out over sex.


That's what economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz found when he looked at all our sex-related Google searches. His results will surprise you! But his conclusion is reassuring. 

Many of our deepest fears about how our sexual partners perceive us are unjustified. Alone, at their computers, with no incentive to lie, partners reveal themselves to be fairly nonsuperficial and forgiving. In fact, we are all so busy judging our own bodies that there is little energy left over to judge other people’s.

Maybe if we worried less about sex, we’d have more of it.

And maybe instead of asking Google so many question, we should try talking with each other more.

What sex-related questions have you searched for? Were the results ever helpful?


Image via Syda Productions/Shutterstock