12 Dos & Don'ts for Writing the Most Romantic Love Letter Ever

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One of the best Valentine's Day gifts you can ever give someone doesn't have to cost you a dime -- except the paper it's written on. And few things will last as long, nor be as meaningful. I'm talking about a love letter. If you've ever been lucky enough to receive one, you know what a treasure it can be. You don't have to be a poet to write a great one, either! Here are all the secrets you need to know to write a love letter that will send your man's heart a-flutter.


perfect love letter

1. Do think about how you want this letter to make him feel. Before you get started, take a moment to imagine the moment he reads your letter. How do you want him to feel when he finishes? Keep that emotion in your mind as you write.

2. Don't dash it off in a hurry. Take your time. Start with some free-writing, where you jot down thoughts, ideas, impressions. Then write a first draft where you make all your mistakes. Wait a day for that to stew. Then come back and write the final draft.

3. Do tell him what you love about him. The way he reads to the kids every night, his gorgeous eyes, all the times he's scraped the ice off your car's windshield, his sweet kisses, his quiet inner strength, his 12-pack abs of steel ... (go ahead and exaggerate).

4. Don't forget the little things. The way he always waits for you to take the first bite before he eats his dinner, the tiny dimple in his chin, the song he always sings in the shower -- details only you know about, especially.

5. Do use special paper. Write your letter on a card, beautiful stationery, handmade paper, or some other lovely surface. This is not the occasion for email or (for the love of Cupid) text message! Apply ye old-fashioned pen to paper.

6. Don't go negative. Don't bring up his faults and mistakes, things you love him in spite of or are willing to overlook. For this letter, focus just on unequivocal positives. 

7. Do make a list. Not so confident about your writing skills? Keep it simple and make the body of your letter a list. Check out Sid Vicious' letter to Nancy Spungen. I bet she loved it.

What Makes Nancy So Great By Sidney

1. Beautiful.

2. Sexy.

3. Beautiful figure.

4. Great sense of humour.

5. Makes extremely interesting conversation.

6. Witty.

7. Has beautiful eyes.

8. Has fab taste in clothes.

9. Has the most beautiful [part of women's anatomy] in the world.

10. Even has sexy feet.

11. Is extremely smart.

12. A great hustler.

8. Don't use fancy language. Use your real voice. You are not a 19th century romantic poet -- that's not who he fell in love with. Imagine talking to him, and write down what you'd say. Don't say anything you don't really mean.

9. Do use your "secret" language. Do you have special code words, inside jokes, and pet names? Sprinkle them in wherever they make sense.

10. Don't underestimate the power of memory. Here's a clever idea from The Art of Manliness: Remind him of one of the most romantic moments of your relationship -- the first time you met, the time you realized you loved him, a special date, anything that brought you closer together.

11. Don't just break off. Give your love letter a proper ending! Tell him how his love makes you feel. Confirm your love and commitment -- in your words. 

12. Do send it in a fun way. Mail it to him. Put it in a mason jar filled with red and pink M&M's. Roll it up and tie it with a red ribbon, or write it on a big poster board. Fold it and put it in a jewelry box. Slip it under his pillow before bed. 

Have you ever received a love letter? What did you enjoy most about it?


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