​Husband Posts Live Play-by-Play of Wife's Affair on Reddit

man checking iphoneCrowds just love to cheer on as cheaters are exposed. A recent, jaw-dropping incident on social media illustrated exactly that. Over the course of a few days, a man who is known only as MyLifeSuxNow posted to Reddit an entire, soap operatic play-by-play of how he discovered and confirmed his wife's extramarital affair.


Opening with the line, "My wife is cheating on me as evidenced by filthy text messages – I know but she doesn't know that I do," it's no wonder followers all over the world became quickly addicted to the brokenhearted husband's updates.

He explained how after being married for eight years (they got hitched when they were just 22 and had just graduated from college, he says), his wife who he refers to as "Jenny" was now trading raunchy texts and nude photos with a guy named "Zack." He learned this because he stole and hacked her phone. 

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Soon, the Redditor had no choice but to conclude:

I realized my wife is cheating on me. I took a moment to realize that this was the end of our marriage. All of our happy times, our foreign trips, and our romantic nights must have meant nothing to her.


He proceeded to hire a private investigator to follow Jenny who was headed out on a "girls' weekend" with the husband's brother's wife. It didn't take long for the husband to confirm not only that Jenny was cheating, but his sister-in-law was also.

Yes, this is all crazy! But something about what this crushed spouse did doesn't sit right. 

Obviously, the guy's whole life unraveled as he learned his beloved wife was having an affair. But what does it say about him that he had to unravel this extremely personal story online? Did this guy really need to report every last detail to anyone and everyone with a Wi-Fi connection?!

Some things are sacred. Some things are better kept to yourself. This sort of marital crisis seems like one of those things, no?

Who knows what really happened that lead up to this social media soap opera, but maybe this guy's need for validation and attention from absolute strangers was one of the reasons his wife ended up with another guy. Hey, just speculating!

Even if that wasn't the case, perhaps by taking a look at the situation from another angle, it could be less clear whether the husband actually deserved such an outpouring of support and sympathy.

And while we contemplate that, we can stay tuned! Who knows, perhaps he'll decide to deliver further updates of this gripping story all the way beyond divorce proceedings.

What do you think about what this husband did by documenting his discovery on Reddit -- fair or should he have kept it to himself?

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