Women Confess: 'The Thing I'll Never Do in the Bedroom' (No Matter How Much He Begs)

Wendy Robinson | Jan 30, 2015 Love & Sex

When it comes to a healthy sex life, variety can be the spice of life, right?

Not for some of the following women, who candidly reveal what things in the bedroom they just won't try.

From the relatively tame to the shocking (who knew that #4 even existed?), click on to see if your taboo is on the list!

What is on your "NO" list?

  • Sex in the Shower


    Sex in the shower might look like a steamy good time in the movies, but according to Cora, married 7 years, "Sex in the shower is so overrated and seems like a really good way to slip and break a hip. No thank you!"

  • Golden Showers or Worse


    It happened to Carrie in Sex and the City and to Yolanda, 35 and single: "I had a guy ask for a golden shower. Um, NOPE. Not going to happen. No bathroom anything, not now, not ever. I am not a toilet and neither is my date!"

  • Food Play


    Oysters are supposed to be an aphrodisiac and chocolates can be a sign of love, but what about food play during sex?

    "Nope, nope, nope. No food during sex. You know what happens when you include whip cream during sex? Yeast infections. That's what happens."  -- Paula, married 15 years.

  • Weird Porn


    Some couples enjoy looking at porn together and Ellen, married 11 years, agrees but notes, "I like my porn straightforward. No clown porn."

    "No clown porn" is not something I ever thought I'd have to specify. Please note: Do not Google this. Really.

  • Making a Sex Tape


    I personally have no desire to film myself having sex -- I really don't want to know what my wobbly bits look like in motion.

    Mary, married 7 years, agrees: "We DID video ONE time, on our honeymoon, just to see what it looked like ... we erased it SO fast because we were paranoid it would accidentally be seen by another human."

  • Auto Erotic Asphyxiation


    Restricting your breathing during sex is pretty advanced-level kink and something that Carly, a dating mom, is really not into: "Pretty much anything that involves me, you know, not breathing? That's gonna be a hard no. And along the same lines, I once saw some BDSM play that happens underwater. NOOOOOOPE."

  • Swallowing


    Sometimes what is pretty vanilla for one person is a big taboo for someone else.

    Kristin, married for 4 years, swears that she "has never and will never swallow. Ever."

  • Anal Sex


    According to a Centers for Disease Control study, 44 percent of straight men and 36 percent of straight women have had anal sex at least once in their lifetime.

    Diane, married 9 years, does not plan to be one of them. "Pretty sure hubs could leave out the bedroom door if he ever suggests using the 'back door.' It is a ONE WAY STREET. No. Never."

  • Swinging


    According to the North American Swing Club Association (no, they don't make playground equipment), up to 15 percent of couples incorporate swinging practices into their lifestyle.

    That means that 85 percent agree with Willow, married three years, who notes: "The ONLY swinging I'm gonna do is on a playground!"

  • Tantric Sex


    Pop star Sting may be a big fan, but married mom Laurie is not: 

    "Oh man, is there anything that sounds more boring than tantric sex? I don't want to have sex that lasts for six hours. I don't want all that deep eye contact and coordinated breathing. I want to get laid and I want to fall asleep. That's it."

  • Threesome


    Adding another partner into sex is a pretty common fantasy, but Sarah (married eight years) isn't a fan: "I am not interested in, um, team sports. No third parties allowed."

  • Toe Sucking


    A baby sucking his toes? Adorable!

    A man sucking Shannon's (married 16 years) toes? No way! "Toe sucking is a big no go. I am too ticklish and germ-phobic for that!"

  • Spanking


    Some people may have been inspired by 50 Shades of Grey, but Colleen (single mom) isn't one of them.

    "I don't like anything involving pain. No spanking, no hair pulling, no biting. Treat me gently, please!"

  • Anilingus


    Whether you call it "a rim job" or "tossing salad," this sex act has a high gross-out quotient for many people, even if it is becoming more openly talked about.

    "I just can't get over the idea of the germs involved in salad tossing. I'm too grossed out to give and too embarrassed to recieve when it comes to rim jobs." -- Hillary, married 5 years

  • Icy Nipples


    "My husband was totally turned on by this movie scene where the female actress had ice rubbed on her nipples. You know what is really freaking sensitive to cold? Nipples. I don't link being cold, so that isn't a turn-on for me at all.

    But, I'll totally do anal. So, different strokes for different folks, right?" -- Jaime, married 14 years

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