Heartless Wedding Venue Has No Sympathy for Groom With Brain Tumor​ (VIDEO)

nicholas and destiny brzuska rings

Planning a wedding is enough of an ordeal, but for one couple in California, it turned into a downright nightmare. Nicholas and Destiny Brzuska planned to get married at the Garden Room in Garden Grove, California, on January 4, which would mark the first time the groom had told the bride he loves her. But just three weeks prior to saying "I do," Nicholas learned he would need urgent surgery for a brain tumor.


The couple was obviously shaken and opted to tie the knot at a 24-hour chapel on December 13, 2014. Still, that wasn't meant to be a substitute for their actual wedding, which would clearly have to be pushed back.

That said, you'd think the venue would have understood that these rare, extremely challenging circumstances would mean allowing the couple to push the date of their nuptials back, but ... no!

The Garden Room proprietors refused to let them reschedule the event -- even without there being specific restrictions regarding a date change in their contract -- and, furthermore, would not refund the couple's $3,600 deposit. 

Destiny told ABC7 Eyewitness News:

I was in tears, like, how can you do this, and still the owner has not called.

Absolutely heinous.

When the network attempted to talk to the Garden Room owner, Lisa Waddell, she said she had no comment. Sounds pretty damning if you ask me!

The good news is that doctors were able to remove the tumor from Nicholas' brain on January 6, and he's currently in recovery. Even still, he said he's stunned that the venue would do this, explaining, "[It's] disconcerting knowing that there's people like that out there. All they are [is] money-hungry."

Thankfully, with the story making nationwide headlines, people have rallied around the couple and even banded together to write negative Yelp reviews of the venue.

And Destiny took to Facebook just yesterday to thank people for their support, but to ask those who choose to call the venue to voice their discontent to not threaten them, because after all, she writes, "We wanted our story to help future couples. Not hurt anyone's lives."

With hope, their story will inspire other couples who are fighting similar battles. And even if the Garden Room fails to come around, the Brzuskas' show will carry on: They plan to tie the knot again in what will most likely be an even more amazing wedding ceremony on December 13, 2015. They're saving the date, even though the venue is still TBD.

What would you want to say to the Brzuskas as they deal with this? How about the venue?

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