11 Men on What They Really, Really Hate About Valentine's Day

Heather Chaet | Feb 9, 2015 Love & Sex
11 Men on What They Really, Really Hate About Valentine's Day

Get a root canal. Find himself stuck in an elevator with his mother-in-law. Watch his favorite baseball team lose in Game 7 of the World Series. Give the cat a bath. What's the one thing these all have in common? They fall into that category of "What guys would rather do than celebrate Valentine’s Day." Yes, ladies, it seems men really, really hate Valentine's Day.

Why so many fellas loathe February 14 is a bit of a mystery to us. Alas, Sherlock Holmes (oh, Benedict ... so delicious ... wonder if he'll "Be Mine"?) has not solved this case yet, so we took it upon ourselves to figure it out. We asked real men exactly what about this lovey-dovey holiday makes them shudder. Read on to see what they had to say!

Do you expect your guy to do #3? Do you blame him for complaining?


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  • It’s the Longest 24 Hours EVER


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    “Since it's Valentine's Day, there's pressure to celebrate the whole 24 hours. What does that mean I have to do? Breakfast in bed and dinner? Do I need to call her throughout the day just to say 'I Love You'? How many texts I should send? It's a holiday that is actually all day long!” -- Ian M.

  • The Pressure of Young Love


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    "What do I hate about the day? The circus of obtaining, personalizing, and politically correctifying a Valentine for each and every classmate of my grade-school children." – Jeffrey S., dad of two

  • Stick Me With Thorns, Not That Price


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    “This is easy: the 250% mark-up on cut flowers that will die within 48 hours. Add to that all of the baby's breath, ferns, carnations, or other cheap filler plants that florists push on unsuspecting guys. Luckily, my wife used to work for a florist and she's told me to not buy flowers on Valentine’s Day!” -- Ames H.

  • How Much is Enough?


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    “It’s all so commercialized. It’s become a fleecing! What was once sufficient to give a silly slip of paper with a sweet saying on it to convey your feelings now requires a significant outpouring of funds or you haven't done enough. Can I get away with a box of My Little Pony Valentine's Day cards this year?” -- Darrell B.

  • I'll Arm-Wrestle You for That Table for 2


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    “The whole jockeying for a dinner reservation is ridiculous. You've got to find THE right restaurant (is it a favorite place you've been or the hot new place?) and get in at THE right time. You have to start calling places weeks ahead of time ... or else you will be eating at like 4:30 or 10 p.m.” -- Ryan W.  

  • So, a Gift Card Would Be Bad, Right?


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    “Getting the right gift is tough. You just blew your wad on Christmas gifts, and now you have to come up with another gift six weeks later? That's a lot of pressure. I feel for those poor guys dating or married to women with December or January birthdays -- this is their third gift purchase in three months. Enough with the gifts!” -- Jake N.

  • Forrest Gump Can Take His and Shove It


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    “Chocolates are just stupid. I mean, does giving a box of chocolates really mean you love someone? I think not.” -- Brad M.

  • The Darkside of Dinner


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    “The good news is that you might get lucky. The bad news? You will probably eat too much at dinner and spend the night in the bathroom instead of the bedroom. Huge bummer.” -- Jeff Y.

  • Red Is NOT My Color


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    “Say she buys me a red sweater. Do I really need to wear it? Or that tie with hearts on it? C’mon, really? Please don’t make me put it on. It's just too cheesy.” -- Derek H. 

  • Hey, Lady, What Did You Do With My Wife?


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    “Valentine’s Day makes the crazy come to town. It’s when women make all sorts of demands and have these expectations and act just insane over little things. Like those gals who MUST celebrate it on the exact day. Why? What’s so wrong with going out on the weekend or a day around February 14? Illogical demands like that that drive me nutty.” -- Anonymous 

  • All of It!


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    “It all costs too much. Dinner, gifts, flowers, chocolate, cards. You've just spent hundreds of dollars on a made-up holiday.” -- Douglas B.

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