Can’t Have an Orgasm? Your Own Body May Be the Culprit!

unhappy couple in bedIt's funny, isn't it -- we all grow up with the idea that regular ol' intercourse is supposed to end with a climax for both of you. And then we do it a bunch of times. And guess what? Most of the time, for the majority of women, IT DOES NOT END THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO. Are we doing it wrong? Why don't more women climax this way? Well, it could be our anatomy.


First of all, how common is it for a woman to climax through vaginal sex alone? Not very. Sex expert Tracy Cox says that only a quarter of women consistently orgasm through intercourse alone (based on 33 different studies that span 80 years). The Kinsey Institute says it's more like 16 percent of straight women. Those lucky few always seem quick to tell you that it's working for them, and maybe you just need to try a different position or just try harder.

Or! And I'm just throwing this out there. Maybe, just maybe, your clitoris is on the small side and located far away from your vagina.

Actually, I'm not just throwing that out there. That's an honest-to-goodness, bona fide, scientifically-proven reason why many women don't climax through the ol' in-n-out. It's women who have a smaller clitoris that's spaced farther away from their vaginal opening who tend to be less likely to climax through vaginal sex.

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And women with big clitorises placed very close to their vaginas pretty much have the sex equivalent of 20/20 vision.

Maybe I'm getting carried away with this idea. At any rate, the important thing to keep in mind is that rarely or never climaxing from intercourse alone is normal, and it doesn't mean you're less of a sex goddess. (Or even that you never will!) It's just another reason to try all the dozens of other fun sexual activities available to us all.

Did you know that 91 percent of women give oral, but supposedly only 79 percent of men return the favor? Come on, guys! Get with the program here. Or did you know that the most reliable way for women to climax is with a vibrator? (Of course you know this.) Go ahead and enjoy that toy together, as a couple. There's more than one way to skin a cat ... er, well you know what I mean.

I'm just saying, in case there's anyone out there who does not already believe this: ANY orgasm, however you get it, is awesome. There is no one BEST way to have one, just the ways that work for you.

And as many women tell their men, just because you don't climax from vaginal sex doesn't mean you're not still turned on and enjoying it. Now go have fun this weekend, everyone!

What are your expectations for intercourse -- do you keep waiting for it to get better, wish your guy would last longer, or is it totally rocking your world?


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