The Most Thoughtless Valentine's Day Gift I Ever Received (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Feb 10, 2015 Love & Sex

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Valentine's Day has the potential to be the sweetest day of the year OR just another reminder that your life is far from a Hollywood-style rom-com. 

As the years pass, it's great to remember all those really special V-Days, but it can be just as much fun to get a big laugh out of the ones that would definitely not make it into a Lifetime movie or even Hallmark commercial.

We reached out to moms around CafeMom to find out which gifts were definite duds and you won't believe what we learned! Many of these moms chose to remain anonymous, and when you read about the loot their sweethearts (we're using those terms loosely) gave them, you'll know why!

#7 is an odd choice -- especially to present in front of a group! Yikes!

What's the worst Valentine's Day gift you've ever received? 

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  • 'Convenient' Gifts?


    "A few years ago (my husband) got me a Kit Kat bar, a thing of ice cream, and a scratch-off ... Not horrible per se but, come on! LOL ..." recalls DomsMamma07.

    Sounds like maybe someone forgot to check the calendar and had to make a quick trip to a convenient store on the way home. Hey, we'll give him points for trying.

  • Nothing Says 'I Love You' Like an Enormous Stuffed Animal, Right?


    The worst gift CafeMom ZPK ever received? "A giant teddy bear. It was a very sweet gesture, but I hate being the center of attention, and carrying that thing around just made me very self conscious."

  • A Shave -- the Gift of Trust?


    One anonymous CafeMom recalls an extra weird Valentine's "gift."

    "When I was in high school, a guy I was dating let me shave him. He said it was the gift of trust. Cheap jerk." 

  • Wow! Windshield Wipers


    JellyBean1123 shared this anecdote: "My mom once got windshield wipers from my stepdad. She was not thrilled."

    Unless her old wipers were literally falling apart and it was a rainy Valentine's Day, we can't blame her for being disappointed!

  • A Candle -- For Him


    "My ex I was with for four years spent $20 on a candle for V-day for me, which was a nice gesture, except we were dirt poor and certainly did not have $20 to spend on a candle. And I honestly think he bought it for himself. When I bitched, he claimed it was for V-day," writes one anonymous mom. 

  • Seems Fishy


    "For our first Valentine's together, he got me a fish tank. That he wanted," shares one CafeMom.

  • A Big Red What?


    "A big red dildo. No, I'm not kidding. He gave it to me in front of all our friends!" says a CafeMom who obviously would not reveal her name!

  • Show Her You Truly Care With ... a Vacuum


    "A vacuum cleaner. Yeah," one CafeMom writes. And that's all she needs to say.

    Kind of reminds us of the lady who received a microwave as a Christmas gift.

  • Excuses, Excuses


    What does Dustinsmom1 consider the worst Valentine's gift of her life? "It was from my ex. He was supposed to get me an engagement ring, and instead he came with a receipt that said his credit sucked and he couldn't get it. What an ass." 

    We have a feeling that probably worked out for the best ...

  • Air Compressor Falls Flat


    Would you get pumped up over an air compressor? No, well, neither did JennaSweet1, who writes, "My current husband has never given me a bad gift, but my ex-husband gave me an air compressor to fill up my tire in the morning before work (I worked in a clothing store so I would always be nicely dressed) instead of fixing the leak or buying a new tire for my car. LOL, ahhhh the memories."

  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving


    Another mom who remains anonymous for obvious reasons definitely received the worst, most disturbing gift of all: "My now ex gave me an at-home HIV test with a card saying, 'I love you but I have to leave you. I got my best friend pregnant and she has HIV. Good luck and don't report my name to the Department of Health and Environmental Control.'"

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