13 Romantic 'Autocorrected' Valentine's Messages Gone Horribly Wrong (PHOTOS)

valentines autocorrect

Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love for your sweetheart. Some romantics profess their heartfelt sentiments for all the world to see by hiring a skywriter. Others spell out their thoughts in rose petals or simply send a syrupy-sweet card.

Whichever medium you choose, just make sure you get the wording right! We discovered some hilarious Valentine's text messages, like the one pictured above, that veered WAY off-course thanks to that old anti-Cupid: AutoCorrect.


Think of this round-up of heartfelt messages gone horribly wrong as a cautionary tale. Remember: You could be just one text away from spending Valentine's Day with a broken heart.

Can you imagine accidentally sending #6 to anyone??  

Image via DamnYouAutoCorrect.com

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