13 Romantic 'Autocorrected' Valentine's Messages Gone Horribly Wrong (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Jan 12, 2015 Love & Sex
13 Romantic 'Autocorrected' Valentine's Messages Gone Horribly Wrong (PHOTOS)

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Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love for your sweetheart. Some romantics profess their heartfelt sentiments for all the world to see by hiring a skywriter. Others spell out their thoughts in rose petals or simply send a syrupy-sweet card.

Whichever medium you choose, just make sure you get the wording right! We discovered some hilarious Valentine's text messages, like the one pictured above, that veered WAY off-course thanks to that old anti-Cupid: AutoCorrect.

Think of this round-up of heartfelt messages gone horribly wrong as a cautionary tale. Remember: You could be just one text away from spending Valentine's Day with a broken heart.

Can you imagine accidentally sending #6 to anyone??  

Image via DamnYouAutoCorrect.com

  • Accidental Breakup


    Time apart? On the one day of the year we're supposed to be together? Check out how this lovebird tries to backpedal once he realizes he's not being dumped on Valentine's Day after all. Yikes! We think Jenni might be better off staying at Pat's!

  • Cologne Sounds Much Better Than This!


    If someone's leaving behind a scent in your bed, cologne is a much better bet than this other alternative, which isn't only unromantic, it's just plain gross!

  • An Alternative to the Bed


    Maybe if you're both really into cars, making love by a tire would be a fun and novel setting, but we think most people would prefer the romance of a warm fire any day. 

  • When Kissing Turns to Killing


    Talk about a disaster! Just because she wasn't interested, that's no reason to harm her sister. When kissing turns into killing, you know you've had your worst Valentine's Day ever. Thankfully, no one was injured in this autocorrect fail! 

  • Rather Tasteless Description of Valentine's Day


    Some couples will go to great lengths to keep the spark alive -- especially on Valentine's Day. Even though you may feel inclined to up the ante on this holiday, sharing the details via texts with friends probably isn't the best idea. 

  • We'd Rather Have Dinner & a Movie


    This reminds us of that old Saturday Night Live skit with the "love toilet," which allows couples to stay together even in their most intimate moments. While initially this couple sounds like they're into some pretty weird stuff, thankfully, it's just the work of autocorrect. 

  • Inflate Your Date


    At first glance, this text seems like a terrible insult. Can't you just see a couple of buddies joking around that the only date their poor pal could get is the inflatable kind? Fortunately, it seems this fella has a real, live girlfriend, so it's all good. Skiing is hard enough without helping an inflatable doll down the mountain, right?

  • We're Familiar With the Bedazzler But Not This


    We're surprised the word "be-latexed" hasn't caught on! We love that this mom doesn't press for any details and we can't blame her!

  • TMI


    It's a good thing these two seem pretty close because a confession like this could certainly kill a new relationship! We think most dating experts would agree that discussing personal hygiene -- or the lack of it -- is a definite no-no!

  • A What-Sized Boyfriend?


    Does a circus-sized boyfriend come with popcorn? We bet his friends are a bunch of clowns! Haha! But seriously, it sounds like this friend wants all the deets, doesn't it? 

  • Getting Pringles vs. Pregnant


    The recipient of this text must've done a double-take! Pringles are probably a lot easier to get on Valentine's Day, though maybe the process isn't as much fun -- LOL!

  • Peculiar Pet Name


    Wow! Your Valentine's Day could take an interesting turn if you find out your nickname is "penis." Never trust single-handed texting!

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