Marriage Therapists Solve the 10 Most Common Fights Couples Have (PHOTOS)

couple arguing on couchFrom sparring over monthly bills to being on polar opposite wavelengths sexually, married couples find themselves on a therapist's couch for all manner of reasons. But as much as we'd like to think that our particular challenges are thoroughly unique, marriage therapists see different couples struggling with the exact same hot-button issues in their office time and again.


Hence why we figured we'd pick three top marriage therapists' brains about the 10 most common fights they see married couples have and what they recommend in each case. Trust us -- whether you're newlyweds or celebrating double-digit anniversaries, this is seriously priceless advice!

Check out the therapists' words of wisdom below, then tell us: Which of these tends to be the issue you and your spouse struggle with most? What have you tried to resolve the conflict?

Image via Maria Maarbes/shutterstock

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