Identity of 'Cheating' Woman's 'Sidepiece' at Football Game Revealed

osu fan side dudeEveryone is talking about this female Ohio State University fan caught on live TV at the Sugar Bowl. It's subtle, but you can see the moment she notices she's on camera and stops what she's doing ... then this odd guilty look flashes across her face. But what WAS she doing, exactly?


Take a look at the Vine and see what you think. She seems to be stroking the back of a guy's neck. It's a sweet, affectionate thing to do, pretty low on the PDA scale, and not the kind of thing you'd typically be embarrassed to be seen doing. That is, unless the man whose neck she was so lovingly stroking was not actually her boyfriend. 

ZOMG -- is she cheating on someone? Is he? Let the prurient speculation begin!

You guys. This is what reality TV has done to us. And I say this as someone who binge-watched Dating Naked over the holidays. (What? I learned a lot about relationships!) We love drama, especially real-life, voyeuristic drama. And so scandal is what we WANT to be happening here. 

But it could be nothing. Maybe this woman just doesn't like being seen on live television, regardless of what she's doing. Maybe it makes her feel awkward. Maybe she IS an awkward person, all of the time. 

And maybe her cousin posted on Facebook that the guy is just her boyfriend, NBD. "My cousin [blank] with her boyfriend [blank] made their TV day-view as well as on the Vine!" the post reads. We think she means debut, not day-view. But you get the point. Nothing to see here. Move along.

What do you think is happening in this video?


Image via djsourmilk/Vine

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