Christmas Marriage Proposal Sends Woman Completely Over the Edge (VIDEO)

If you've ever been proposed to, you probably well remember the combination of reactions: Shock, thrills, relief, gratitude, love ... and maybe the gushing waterworks. That is, if you wanted to be married. If you didn't, you might have just had the last reaction. In this viral video, a woman who is proposed to by her boyfriend is so overwhelmed with tears that you actually can't quite tell what her feelings are: Is she happy? Scared? Horrified? WHAT, lady?!! Snap out of it!


Check it out:

Wow. That's some seriously emotional stuff right there! Even the boyfriend is confused. "Does this mean yes?" he asks, rightly bewildered.

Since she hugs him and kind of nods, I'm thinking she means yes. But given the amount of heaving and convulsing involved, it's the kind of "yes" that might send her to the hospital.

I had a similar reaction when a boyfriend of long ago proposed. I burst into wracking sobs. I loved him, but the idea of marriage (at 26 years old) scared the bejesus out of me. We never did end up married, though we had an engagement longer than most marriages.

So ... when I saw this, I did wonder if her overreaction wasn't one of happiness combined with pure terror. But the way she clings to him at the end and blubbers, "I luuuurrrvvv yoouuuuuu" makes me think it's mostly happiness. Hey, maybe she thought it was never gonna happen!

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And on a funny note, check out how the dogs are just not that impressed with any of it.

Congrats, kids. And make sure to have ambulance backup at the wedding.

Thank god he didn't fake a plane crash, amiright?

Did you cry at your proposal? Did you cry this much?

Image via Haoose/YouTube

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