11 Marriage Proposals That Went Down in Flames

Adriana Velez | Dec 29, 2014 Love & Sex

rejected proposalIt's that time of the year, everyone! The time when your Facebook feed fills up with engagement announcements. A lot of people said "yes" this holiday season. But what you won't see are all the folks who said "no" to marriage proposals. But those stories are almost as good as engagement stories! 

Check out 11 of our favorites from friends and online communities below, then tell us: Have you ever turned down a marriage proposal? How did it go?


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  • Hiding From a Disapproving Family


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    One now-married mom says she once turned down a proposal, because her boyfriend refused to tell his family about her daughter from a previous relationship. He didn't think they would approve.

    "I just couldn't do it," she explains. "I couldn't marry into a family that would judge me for getting out of a bad relationship. I couldn't marry someone who kept me and my dd as a secret. I couldn't believe in the future he spoke of because of all this."

    Happily, she moved on and met another man who was able to accept her and her daughter, and they've been happily married, with two more children, for almost 16 years. 

  • Mom's Dingy Old Ring


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    One woman was offered her boyfriend's mother's old diamond engagement ring from a marriage that ended in divorce -- even though she'd told him she preferred sapphires.

    "He said his mom insisted on using her ring and he didn't want to say no to her," she says. "[That was] a clue that he wasn't ready to make his own life decisions and to take my thoughts into consideration."

    Did we mention he hadn't bothered to get it cleaned, and she actually came across it in a safety deposit box? 

    After refusing this semi-proposal, she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, so it's a good thing she refused! Years later, a more thoughtful man proposed to her on a romantic beach -- with a sapphire ring.

  • Miss Indecisive


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    "The first time DH asked me, I said yes, then changed my mind the next day," says one mom. "I didn't think it was fair to agree to marry him when I still had feelings for my ex."

    Good for her! It must have been a difficult decision, but if you're not sure about someone, you really shouldn't accept a propo -- oh wait, that's not the end of the story!

    "It didn't take long before I realized I was an idiot," she adds. "I started dropping hints, and he proposed again a month later." 

  • Try, Try Again


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    "My boyfriend proposed one year into our relationship," says a married mom. "I said no. He proposed six months later. I said no. He proposed six months after that. I said yes."

    So persistence paid off! But only temporarily.

    "We were engaged for three years," she says. "Thankfully, I called it off. I'm now happily married to another man." Maybe he should have listened to the first "no" ... or two.

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  • We Were Too Young


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    "I was 6 and said no," says one now-married mom. "Probably a good choice." Haha, you think?

  • Didn't See THAT Coming


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    One currently single woman says she resisted engagement at first. "About two years in, he asked me, and I just cried and cried and cried," she recalls. "I think I blubbered, 'I told you I didn’t want to get married,' or something, and then I said I would think about it."

    Six months later, she finally put the ring on. They were engaged for 10 years.

    "I think I was just really scared of the concept," she explains. "I did not grow up with positive role models for marriage, except for my great-grandparents, and they were sort of too old to give me a real concept of marriage as a positive, healthy thing."

    After a decade of nudging, she finally agreed to get hitched -- only to have her fiance come out of the closet as gay! Guess she had the right idea all along ...

  • Lollapalooza Loser


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    Oh, the rejected-proposal stories you'll see on Reddit -- like this dismal one about a man who dropped to one knee and popped open a ring box in the middle of a Mumford Sons set at Lollapalooza. The crowd parted immediately. But then, "the girl started shaking her head 'no' and started slowly walking backwards. She took a few steps and then turned around and ran. The guy stayed on his knee for about two minutes with the saddest look imaginable glued to his face." Aww, poor guy!

  • Drunk in Love ... Sorta


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    "I proposed to my wife at a party, and she said no," says another Redditor. "She then told everyone that I do it all the time, and I was just f--ing with her. It's not something I did all the time, I don't know what her f---ing problem was."

    Oh no, another public proposal gone wrong! Why would she say such a thing?

    "Ok, we were both stumbling, s---house, no legged drunk." Oh, that's why. "She said 'yes' eventually. It turned out okay." Sounds ... great?

  • Mr. Very, Very Wrong


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    "I refused a proposal recently," says a woman on Reddit. "When I said no, he asked why. I said he wasn't the one. He stood up, smirked, and said 'you're wrong' and left. I thought that was one hell of an exit."

    And it was a hell of an escape for that woman! Sheesh.

  • An Arranged Marriage


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    So, this one is a little scary ... "My neighbor asked for my hand in marriage for her son," says a woman on Reddit. "I was 14 ... In other words, they wanted an arranged marriage. I said, 'Hell no!'"

    Is anyone else dying to find out how old the neighbor's son was? Was he her age, or was he more like ... 45?



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    This one has to win for most uncomfortable rejected proposal! A Redditor says a friend proposed to her in the middle of a party with close family and friends. 

    "He started making an emotional speech, got down on one knee," she recalls. "All while crying. Everyone started pulling out cameras and phones, taking pictures and recording. I was just awkwardly smiling the whole time, glancing at my mom as we both were thinking what the f---. Someone even gave him a ring to put on me, as a rental I guess."

    She said, "I don't know ..." and she could tell everyone else knew she wasn't into it. "Things were extremely awkward and all around confusing." We bet!


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