The 1 Marriage 'Killer' You Really Shouldn't Worry About

As if married couples don't have enough to worry about, a recent study argues that online porn is so prevalent, titillating, and downright superior to any committed relationship that men are simply opting not to get married or are less able to make their marriages stand the test of time because of it. If this sounds like absolute nonsense to you, you aren't alone. The details of the study are just too murky to prove a whole lot. Plus, it's PORN. Does anyone honestly believe it will replace human interaction anytime soon?


A few facts about the study, which was conducted by West Chester University of Pennsylvania's Michael Malcolm and George Naufal of Timberlake Associates: They used data from the General Social Survey that showed men between the ages of 18 and 35 were less likely to be married if they openly admitted to visiting online porn sites. Okay. Here's how this can easily be explained: Lots of men between these ages are single. Single men get horny and don't always have a steady partner. Online porn provides a thrill.

Oh, and maybe some of the married men they surveyed were embarrassed to admit they visited porn sites, because they didn't want their wives to find out. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is probably quite common.

There are quite a few other odd, we're-trying-really-hard details about this study that should be mentioned. The authors admit that, although more men who live in urban areas and come from educated backgrounds  -- and use the Internet more often -- tend to marry less, they can't actually say with assurance if the reason is online porn or because they have more opportunities to date than someone from a small town or have busy careers that keep them from settling down young.

Oh, also: Men who frequented sports, finance, news, and education sites -- so, basically, everyone alive -- were less likely to marry.

Anyone else smell a made-up problem here?

As the girlfriend or wife of a man who visits online porn sites, you might not like it. You might believe he'd be better off spending his time doing anything else, like practicing what he's learning online with you (and let's hope he is). But, at the end of the day, looking at porn is no more destructive to a marriage than food blogs are to the entire grocery store industry. For most healthy people, porn doesn't replace actual sex or partnership. People who believe such a thing have an incredibly myopic and sad view of human relationships.

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When used wisely, porn can help enhance and spice up marriage and committed relationships. And it can keep single people from losing their minds in between relationships. If people in relationships have a problem staying in them, the act of watching strangers have sex on a computer seems an absurd culprit to blame.

Do you think porn can kill a relationship or marriage?


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