'The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done in My Marriage': 11 Shocking Confessions

Wendy Robinson | Dec 27, 2014 Love & Sex

My husband and I have been married for almost ten years and during that time we've both had our share of relationship screw-ups, both big and small. While it can be hard to admit when you are wrong, it can help to know that you are not alone in having a "bad wife moment," just like these 11 brave but anonymous women who spilled about their bad, and sometimes shocking, behavior!

What is your worst wife moment?


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  • I Cheated


    "I'm not proud of this, but during a rough spot a few years ago, I had a one night fling with a co-worker when we were at a conference. It was kind of gross and made me realize that I needed to do more to work on my marriage. Things are good between us now and I'll never tell him about that night!" -- Lainey, married 12 years

  • I Can't Stop Snooping!


    "My husband has no idea that I am a total snoop. I check his email, I look at the messages on his cellphone, I've cracked the password on his Facebook account, you name it, I've snooped. I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself! He has a lot of female friends and I guess I just feel threatened or something." -- Audrey, married five years

  • I Had an Emotional Affair


    "I had an emotional affair about seven years ago (we've been married 17 1/2 years). It was with an old boyfriend (pre-Facebook) and we were basically having email sex. I think I was partly doing that because I was embarrassed to do that stuff with my husband, which makes zero sense, I know. I've learned now that I can be sexy and do stuff like that with him, which has also helped our marriage. I sent him a series of sexts one day and he acted like he won the lottery!" -- Shannon, married 17 years

  • I'm on the Pill & He Doesn't Know


    "My husband is Catholic, I am not. My husband thinks "pull and pray" is a reasonable birth control plan, I do not. I tried it his way and now we have three kids under the age of 5. I can't handle the thought of more kids right now, so I take my BC pills on the sly and will keep doing so until I can talk him into getting fixed." -- Marnie, married seven years

  • Secret Shopper


    "Okay, in terms of bad behavior, I don't think this is like the worst thing, but it is on the sneaky side. I shop online a lot (I am a bargain fiend!) and I have the packages delivered to work so that he doesn't realize how much I buy. I slowly sneak things into the house and hope he doesn't notice another new dress or shoes for the kids." -- Camilla, married eight years

  • I Tell My Friends EVERYTHING


    "My husband knows that when me and my girlfriends get together that we talk about marriages and stuff but he would die if he knew that I tell them EVERYTHING, including all the gory details of our fights and about our sex life. I've even showed them some of his sexts and dirty pictures. The thing is that they share all that about their husbands too, and he should actually thank them for that. Everything I know about giving a good BJ, for example, I learned from my girlfriends!" -- Susan, married 11 years

  • I Hide Money


    "My mom always told my sisters and I that a woman needs to have her own money, an "escape fund" in case things got bad. She saw her mother stay with an abusive husband because she didn't have the means to leave him, so she never wanted us to be stuck in a bad situation. My husband is great and I am very happy, but I still have $10,000 in an account under my name that he doesn't know about. Maybe someday I'll use it and surprise him with a great trip or maybe I'll pass it down to my daughter when she gets married." -- Ebony, married 13 years

  • I'm an Online Oversharer


    "I'm a blogger and am totally obsessed with Twitter, which is where I made my biggest marriage mistake. We were fighting one night and I was basically live-Tweeting our fight and was totally making him seem like an inconsiderate jerk. We made up that night but the next day he saw the Tweets and was so pissed. We ended up having a huge fight about that, which was kind of good as it helped us draw very clear lines about what our boundaries were in terms of sharing things from our relationship." -- Heather, married six years

  • I Didn't Communicate


    "I didn't communicate with my now ex-husband. It is now something I actively work on in my new relationship." -- Laura, divorced, dating for two years

  • I'm Hiding Big Debt


    "We'd both been married before, so when we got together we decided not to totally combine our finances so he doesn't know that I have close to $40,000 in credit card debt. A lot of it is from after my divorce when I was trying to get on my feet again but some of it is from trying to make sure I am paying for my share of our household expenses now. I'm not sure how I'll ever get it paid off, which is my biggest source of stress." -- Stacey, married three years

  • I Kissed A Girl-- His Sister!


    "My husband totally has a fantasy about seeing me with another woman, which I pretend to not be interested in, but the truth is that I have made out with a girl before -- his younger sister! We got super drunk on a family camping trip and ended up kissing in the tent while the guys were fishing. Classy, right? It was stupid and fun and I'll never tell him, obviously." -- Tara, married 15 years


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