10 Things Happy Couples Never Do in Their Relationships

Adriana Velez | Dec 25, 2014 Love & Sex

happy coupleWe asked some of the happiest couples we know -- plus a few other friends who have been in long-term relationships -- what they never do. Can you guarantee happiness and true love forever with your beau if you avoid everything on this list? Well, maybe not. But we think you'll increase your odds if you heed this surprising list.

What would you add to this list? Is there anything here you actually do, but don't feel harms your relationship?

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  • Snoop on Each Other


    A woman who has been married for 10 years says, "I have never once wanted to read my man's texts, e-mails, mail or anything. I am not suspicious of him. This does not mean I trust him infinitely (he really may not take out the trash unless I bug him about it) BUT I never doubt his love."

  • Harshly Criticize or Mock Each Other


    "Never ever harshly criticize or talk bad about their spouse to other people, whether they are in the room or not," says a mom of four who has been married for 20 years. "Never call each other names," agrees a mom of six married for 22 years. "Never make the other the butt of a joke."

  • Fear Arguments and Rough Waves


    "I'm in an almost 20 year partnership. We have yelled, done everything we shouldn't do except betray each other," says a married mom of two. "We ride the waves and don't mess with our shared commitment to our journey. We have become very shanti over the years, really don't have the juice to argue, but those arguments were important learning moments."

  • Feel Guilty About Living Independent Lives


    "We never feel guilty for maintaining our independent lives while living a married life," says a mom of two. "We came from independent lives and it is what made us who we were to one another. I always want to be that woman to him, my kids, and myself."

  • Treat Every Argument Like It's a Big Deal


    "Happy couples don't have to resolve every disagreement," says a dad of one who has been married 15 years. "Sometimes we get pissed off at each other, but it's not a catastrophic fight. Let it go. It's okay to forget it and move on. Not all fights, but some."

  • Compete With Each Other


    "Happy couples don't compete with each other," says a mom of one who has been married for 12 years. "They go through life as a team."

    "We do not get jealous of each other," says a woman married for 10 years. "We want each other to succeed."

  • Try to Change Each Other


    A mom of one married for 15 years says, "Happy couples don't try and change their partner. They encourage them to be better versions of themselves!"

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  • Eat Dinner Alone


    "Happy couples don't eat dinner alone!" says one man married for two years with one kid.

  • Practice to Deceive


    "They don't lie to each other. Trust is key," says a mom of two.

  • Deal With Medical Emergencies Alone


    "Happy couples don't let each other go to the hospital alone," says a single woman who was in a 10-year long term relationship. I'd say this goes for all major medical emergencies. Don't leave your luvah bleedin'!

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