10 Moms Confess Their Secret Sexual Fantasy

Wendy Robinson | Dec 19, 2014 Love & Sex

On the average day, most of us moms are very busy. There is work to do, kids to take care of, a house that probably needs cleaning...but, as these moms reveal, there is also time in the average day for some very spicy daydreams!

Names have been changed to protected the daring moms who share their most personal sexual fantasies.

Give these sort of safe-for-work- stories a read and then tell us, which of these fantasies do you most relate to?

  • Sleep Before Sex


    “Here's my secret sexual fantasy: I sleep alone in my bed. I sleep for 12 hours without interruption. And, when I wake up, I can possibly consider that I might actually feel well rested enough to use free time in the bed for sex and not sleep.” -- Claire, 27, married with two kids


  • 50 Shades of Jane?


    “For the longest time I’ve had a fantasy about getting spanked or doing some light bondage with my husband. I’ve experimented with an ex but my husband is pretty vanilla so it didn’t go so well when I tried to tell him about it. I ended up pretending I was kidding.” -- Jane, married with a newborn

  • Under the Desk Fun


    “I recently sent my husband a picture of my clothed but open legs under my desk at work with a text that said “wish you were here,” so I think he is on to my getting freaky at work fantasy. Sadly the security cameras at work mean that this one is never going to happen!” -- Jessie, married, two kids

  • A Very Sexy Education


    “My husband is a college professor and I have this ongoing fantasy about being a student who’ll do anything to get a better grade. I’ve given him a few hints about this one, but he isn’t really into role playing. Sigh. Someday I am going to surprise him in his office and see if I can change his mind.” -- Lola, married with two kids

  • Brotherly Love


    I feel sort of guilty about this one, but I can’t help myself! My husband is an identical twin … except that he is kind of a couch potato and his brother is a gym-obsessed Navy Seal. I have this whole daydream about just one time with the hotter version of the husband I love so much. Obviously I’ll never tell my husband about this one!” -- Carrie Ann, married with one child

  • Shh ... Don't Tell Him!


    “I am secretly kind of intrigued by the idea of anal, but I will never tell my partner. I know he would be all about it but I am way too afraid it will hurt and I don’t want to get his hopes up!” -- Stacey, dating 10 years, one child

  • Oh Angelina!


    “When it comes to Angelina Jolie, I would be a lesbian from the waist up. I’d let my husband watch but I’m the only one who gets the loving from Angelina. I’ve never told my husband but he has noticed that I get a little frisky whenever we watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” -- Mandy, married, four kids

  • One Mom, Two Hollywood Hunks


    “Listen, what happens between me, Idris Elba and Brad Pitt is NONE of my husband’s business, if you know what I mean!” -- Darcy, married, three kids

  • Sex Drive: MIA?


    “After three kids in five years, my fantasy is that someday my sex drive will come back. I’ve been nursing for five years … I dream about NOT being touched. I wish I wanted to get felt up by my husband.” -- Christa, married, three kids

  • Hotel Secret


    “We’re at a high-rise downtown hotel. I open the curtains to look out at the city lights. He comes up behind me and pushes up my dress. I’m not wearing underwear and … well, you can guess what happens next. My husband loves this idea but we haven’t been at hotel without kids in years, so haven’t had the chance to make this happen. YET." -- Chloe, married, two kids


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