Woman Creates Funniest 'Single Girl' Christmas Cards Ever (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Dec 15, 2014 Love & Sex
Woman Creates Funniest 'Single Girl' Christmas Cards Ever (PHOTOS)

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Imagine how it would feel if your parents cut you out of their Christmas card photo -- just because you're the only single sister! Reddit user macbubs has three married sisters and one single sister named Bridget. "My parents decided it would be awkward to have a Christmas card with just one daughter in it, so they cut Bridget out of their Christmas card," he writes. In response, plucky Bridget decided to create her own "very single" Christmas photo cards -- and they are exquisite. You have to see these!

What do you think of Bridget's take on holiday cards? What would you do if your parents cut you out of their photo because you were single?


Image via Syda Productions/Shutterstock

  • 2010: Love, Just Bridget


    Image via macbubs/Imgur

    Don't you worry about single Bridget! She and these bottles of grog are going to be juuuuuust fiiiiine. See? It's not like she's alone.

  • 2011: Tea Party for One


    Image via macbubs/Imgur

    Found some friends to share some tea (or whatever) this year! Who needs a husband when Mr. Bear is such charming company? No loneliness here. Nope.

  • 2012: 5 Bridgets


    Image via macbubs/Imgur

    This was the year Bridge cloned herself to riotous results, as you can see. You guys, there is nothing like celebrating with four versions of yourself! (Ooh, four times the hangover, though ...)

  • 2013: Merry F&*%ing Christmas


    Image via macbubs/Imgur

    You jerks, with your perfect family photos. Do you see what you're doing to single Bridget? You've driven her to drink alone IN THE WOODS, where she could be attacked by wolves who couldn't care less about a young woman's hopes and dreams.

  • 2014: Bridget's New Man


    Image via macbubs/Imgur

    Great news: Bridget's finally got a man! A "man" -- look, she's trying, okay? Just tell her you saw the card and that you think he looks really nice, and that you hope she's super happy.


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