Women Reveal the Worst Gift Their Husbands Ever Gave Them (PHOTOS)

giftsWith Christmas fast approaching, it might be time to leave those wish lists prominently displayed, Ladies. If you don't, you could end up with a self-help book and some fleece jogging pants that might've fit you two kids ago (and seem to suggest that if only you did some actual running said pants might fit). Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything, ahem.

Of course it's the thought that counts -- and the surprise factor is always a bonus -- but, let's be honest, it can be disappointing to open a beautifully-wrapped box only to find a garden gnome inside.


We spoke to women who have also been caught off guard by a random present that sadly fell well below their expectations. 

Check out our slideshow and then tell us: What is the worst gift you've ever received from your husband or partner? 

Image © Beau Lark/Corbis

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