Women Reveal the Worst Gift Their Husbands Ever Gave Them

Liz Alterman | Dec 13, 2014 Love & Sex
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With the holidays fast approaching, it might be time to leave those wish lists prominently displayed, ladies. If one doesn't do this, she could end up with a self-help book and some fleece jogging pants that might've fit two kids ago (and seem to suggest that if only she did some actual running, said pants might fit). Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything, ahem. (Okay, maybe I'm still salty after Christmas two years ago! But come on, husband!)

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Of course, when it comes to gifts, it's the thought that counts -- and the surprise factor is always a bonus -- but, let's be honest, it can be pretty disappointing to open a beautifully wrapped box only to find a garden gnome or handheld vacuum inside. We spoke to women who have also been caught off guard by a random present that sadly fell well below their expectations. Ladies aren't asking for the world this holiday season, but they probably don't want chunky white sneakers, beef jerky, or anything to do with squirrels -- seriously, no squirrels! 

So pass this list on to the kids, the hubby, or even some well-meaning family members. It could definitely help with the gifting this year, that's for sure! 

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  • Chunky White Sneakers


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    "Right after I had our first child, my husband gave me this big pair of blinding white sneakers, like the kind Jerry Seinfeld would wear," says Liz, 43. "He said he knew I'd be walking the baby a lot in the stroller and he wanted me to have a new pair of shoes, but these were just hideous!"

  • A Parenting Book


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    "Last year, my husband gave me a book on how to become a better parent," says Mary, 41, a mom of three. "I know he was trying to be helpful but it just really felt like a slap in the face."

  • The Impersonal Purple Scarf


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    "I was disappointed when my husband got me a scarf for Christmas -- that's it!," says Judy. "It just seemed so cheap, plus a scarf is one of those generic gifts you get your boss or teacher, not your wife!

    "Plus, at the time I was going through a phase where the only color I wore was black. He'd be pressuring me to wear colors, and the scarf was purple, which I took to be a passive-aggressive play to get me to dress the way he wanted. In any case, I 'lost' that scarf pretty quickly."

  • A Package of Beef Jerky


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    Erica M. was surprised to find herself on the receiving end of a package of beef jerky a month after she'd tried it for the first time and declared it "not bad." 

  • Microwave


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    "My husband short-circuited our microwave by accidentally leaving a fork it in and then had the nerve to try to pass off the new one as my Christmas gift!" -- Margaret, 47.

  • The Dreaded Scale


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    "I found this really intriguing box under the tree and was so excited ... until I opened it," says Patty, 38. "It was a scale. Ugh. The last thing you want to remember on Christmas morning is that you're dieting!" 

  • Gift Cards


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    "My husband gave me a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts," says Molly, 33. "Yes, I love coffee but, hello, this is something you give a co-worker or your kid's school bus driver, not your wife!" 

  • A Big Ole Bowling Ball


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    "I had been hinting that we should take up an activity as a way to spend more time together," says Mindy, 34. "What I had in mind was tennis, maybe skiing, but what I got was a bowling ball. Needless to say, it hasn't left the closet." 

  • Jeans


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    "My ex gave me jeans from Wal-Mart on our first anniversary," recalls Brina. "And his mom thought I wanted him for his money. Delusional much?"

  • Squirrel Lamp


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    "Before we got engaged, my husband got me a squirrel lamp," says Maressa. "Yes, it's a lamp shaped like a squirrel. I saw a photo of this particular lamp in a magazine and was laughing at it, because squirrels have always cracked me up, but he thought because I left the magazine open to that page, I was dropping a hint that I wanted him to get it for me for Hanukkah. Agh! I had actually been hoping my gift would be an engagement ring that year, so I was extra baffled and disappointed by it. But, especially in retrospect, I definitely get where he was coming from, and it was sweet. Just NOT what I had in mind!"

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