Men Reveal Their 10 Favorite PG-Rated Parts of a Woman’s Body

Adriana Velez | Dec 14, 2014 Love & Sex

smiling womanWe all know that we are the sum or our parts. That's how we see ourselves, and that's how the men who truly love us see us. But ... (butt!) there are certain parts of our bodies that happen to turn men on: The obvious, NSFW parts, but also these 10 luscious, delectable spots. Is it any coincidence that most also happen to be places where we love being touched?

Is there a surprising part of you your husband or boyfriend thinks is especially sexy?


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  • Eyes


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    We checked out a Reddit conversation about what physical attributes of women men find especially sexy (besides breasts and butts). Eyes came up first! "I can't resist a woman with beautiful eyes ... they disarm me," says one man. "A great set of eyes can paralyze me," says another.

  • Hair


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    How many times have we heard how much men love lots of hair? One man confesses, "Long, healthy hair. When it falls in front of a woman's face just right, my pants get tighter." Oh my ...

  • Belly


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    "Whether you are sporting a six-pack, a tummy or a pooch there is something so amazingly sexy and feminine about a woman's midsection," says one especially appreciative man.

  • The Curve of Your Waist


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    "The 'natural waist' where the back stops narrowing from the shoulders and flares, big and feminine, to the hips," a Redditor describes. "Even on heavier women, that curve stays so well defined -- that's how you can tell a girl's built to be that thick and curvy, instead of just carrying extra weight." Forget skinny -- it's all about the curves.

  • Thighs


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    "Thighs. Thick meaty thighs on an otherwise thin pear-shaped woman. It's especially sexy when the thighs are thick enough they touch together when she stands." OMG, did this guy just say thick thighs are sexier than thigh gap? We love it!

  • The Small of Your Back


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    "The small of a woman's back can be incredible," says one Redditor. "If I say 'back dimples' does everyone know what I'm talking about?" Why yes, we do. And we thank you "It's like the hand was meant to fit there." That's because it is!

  • Arms


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    "Upper arms. I might be the only guy that often finds them sexier than thighs. Smooth skin, with a slight bulge to the bicep... mmm," says a Redditor. "If a woman is wearing really short sleeves, rocking a great pair of arms, I find myself glancing more than I do at breasts and butts." What? That's a cool surprise.

  • Belly Button


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    "I feel a bit odd with the sort of butcher shop mentality of calling out specific parts," says one man. We agree! But as long as we're asking ... "I'd never felt that I would think of a girl having a sexy belly button until I dated this one girl who did."

  • Hands


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    "Soft, mobile, mischievous hands," says one man, implying that it's not so much about how they looks as what you do with them. And that reminds of a certain men's part.

  • Brains


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    "Her brain. Smart is extremely sexy." BRAINS FTW! We concur. That is the sexiest part of any woman, 100 percent.


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