8 Signs He's Checked Out of the Relationship

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Relationships are hard. Every day. For most of us in LTRs, it can be a struggle to connect with one another on a deeper level every week or even every month, depending on what's going on in life. We're busy with work and paying the bills, and our kids' needs usually eclipse our relational needs. This is normal. But sometimes, it's not normal. Sometimes it feels like our partner has checked out of the relationship. 


Sure, we see one another every day. He says everything is fine. But there's also this loud and clear, unshakeable feeling: He's no longer participating in the relationship. Emotionally and mentally, he is someplace else. Yep, this a sure sign there's work to be done. Time to recalibrate and refocus on the relationship before it's too late. 

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If this sounds familiar and for anyone who needs a gut check on a shaky-feeling relationship, we spoke with psychotherapist and relationship coach Toni Coleman. She shared some of the concrete signs to look for in a relationship that's gotten off-kilter -- and yes, there are definitely a few things we can do to reconnect with our partners.

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