What Your Job Says About Your Sex Life (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Dec 9, 2014 Love & Sex

derek and meredith grey's anatomyLooking for the love of a lifetime? How about just a hookup? Well, when you're on the market, the relationship status you seek may have to do with a bevy of factors from your age to your past experiences. But it may also have to do with your career! At least, that's the theory mobile dating app Clover explored in a recent survey of 33,000 users from across the US.

As Clover CEO Isaac Raichyk explains to us:

This latest study was part of our ongoing research to improve our matchmaking process, but when we came across the results we were pretty surprised. We’re still not exactly sure what is going on here yet, but we feel that perhaps your free time and income might play a role. The fact that a lot of users seem to choose the casual intention might also be a way of playing it safe in order to ensure the best odds of meeting the most people.

Sure, that makes sense. But it is rather telling and intriguing to see which occupations (from doctor to lawyer and actor to musician) tend to choose which kind of relationship.

We rounded up what Clover found to be the desires of 18 different occupations. Check them out, then tell us: Is your chosen career (or your partner's) reflected here? Do you agree with the result?


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  • Doctor


    Image via ABC

    If you make your living as a health care provider, chances are you're on the prowl for something more platonic, according to the Clover study's findings. That may be because doctors work such crazy hours, or perhaps they tend to be pretty serious-minded, so they're already in a relationship -- but could use some friends outside of their practice!  

  • Actor


    Image via NickatNite.com

    Actors (you know, like Joey Tribbiani from Friends) are notorious players, so it's not all that surprising that they're more often looking for a sexy, no-strings hookup over a more serious relationship.

  • Teacher


    Image via ABC

    While we know this wasn't the case for Parenthood's romantic teacher, Mark Cyr, Clover found that teachers are also looking for casual relationships over serious, long-term ones.

  • Engineer


    Image via CBS

    But get this! Engineers -- like good ol' Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory -- are also more inclined to look for a hookup over a serious relationship. Maybe they're simply too logical for love?

  • Journalist


    Image via HBO

    Journalists like Sex & the City's Carrie Bradshaw (who had, admittedly, a pretty unrealistic version of the occupation!) appear to be looking for casual relationships. Makes sense -- an inclination toward perpetual investigation and analysis makes it tougher to get to the next level!

  • Programmer


    Image via Sony

    Programmers in 2010's The Social Network were all about casual encounters and hooking up at parties, but in the end, they're apparently more interested in something solid, stable, and serious, according to Clover's findings.

  • Designer


    Image via AMC

    Graphic designers (like Sal Romano in Mad Men) have their eye on the prize: A long-term relationship!

  • Accountant


    Image via Sony

    We all know accountant Mollie Jensen (from the '80s hit Look Who's Talking) wanted a real father figure for her little Mikey, and life apparently does imitate art in this case. Accountants tend to want long-term love, according to the Clover study.

  • Police Officer


    Image via GoneGirlMovie.com

    Police officers (like Officer Boney in this year's box office smash Gone Girl) may want to enforce the law, but enforcing commitment isn't necessarily their cup of tea. More cops are interested in casual relationships than anything else, according to the Clover study's findings.

  • Publicist


    Image via HBO

    Publicists likSATC's Samantha Jones may love to network and build relationships, but when it comes their own personal ones, they're more interested in casual than serious bonds.

  • Lawyer


    Image via ABC

    Like doctors, lawyers fell into the "friend zone." We chalk this up to them also billing a bazillion hours a week and/or already being fully committed to their sweetheart from law school!

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  • Scientist


    Image via BBC

    Scientists may not be looking exclusively for hookups like engineers, but they did score higher in the "casual" category over long-term.

  • Ad Man or Woman


    Image via AMC

    If you watch Mad Men, you know the characters' relationships run the gamut from illicit hookups to long-term love, but Clover found that overall, ad men and women these days are on the market for ... casual affairs.

  • Nurse


    Image via NBC

    Scrubs' fictional nurse Carla Espinosa definitely wanted long-term love with Turk, and apparently, nurses in real-life want the same. Makes sense -- they care so much for everyone else that when they get home at night, they want to be cared for themselves!

  • Construction Worker


    Image via HGTV

    They may technically build homes for a living, but people who work in construction seem to be building more casual relationships than long-term ones, according to Clover.

  • Musician


    Image via NickatNite.com

    Blame the rock and roll lifestyle, but musicians -- like our old Friend Phoebe Buffay -- are more inclined to seek out casual relationships.

  • Pharmacist


    Image via ABC

    Pharmacists may not be doling out love potion #9, but they are apparently in love with romance, seeking out long-term relationships, according to Clover.

  • Psychologist


    Image via HBO

    Perhaps -- or maybe even in spite of! -- their understanding all of those mental innerworkings, psychologists are looking for long-term romance.

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