What Your Job Says About Your Sex Life (PHOTOS)

derek and meredith grey's anatomyLooking for the love of a lifetime? How about just a hookup? Well, when you're on the market, the relationship status you seek may have to do with a bevy of factors from your age to your past experiences. But it may also have to do with your career! At least, that's the theory mobile dating app Clover explored in a recent survey of 33,000 users from across the US.


As Clover CEO Isaac Raichyk explains to us:

This latest study was part of our ongoing research to improve our matchmaking process, but when we came across the results we were pretty surprised. We’re still not exactly sure what is going on here yet, but we feel that perhaps your free time and income might play a role. The fact that a lot of users seem to choose the casual intention might also be a way of playing it safe in order to ensure the best odds of meeting the most people.

Sure, that makes sense. But it is rather telling and intriguing to see which occupations (from doctor to lawyer and actor to musician) tend to choose which kind of relationship.

We rounded up what Clover found to be the desires of 18 different occupations. Check them out, then tell us: Is your chosen career (or your partner's) reflected here? Do you agree with the result?


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