Man Hits on Customer Service Rep & His Icky Online Chat Goes Viral​ (PHOTO)

man typing on laptopIt takes a lot of guts to make a pass at someone you're interested in. Really, that's just something you have to hand to a guy, even if you're not interested in him, right? Weeellll, that is, unless the circumstances are SO inappropriate that you're wondering WHY in the world he thought it was the right time or place to hit on you. Case in point: A man named Daniel who recently tried to pick up a customer service rep online is now being lambasted around the web.


Really, you just have to see this chat -- which, of course, is available for our viewing pleasure, thanks to a screenshot and Reddit -- to believe it!

screenshot chat bewteen customer service rep and man hitting on her

Ouch, burn!!!!! Wow, man. He could have even been joking (maaaybe?) and has an inappropriate sense of humor, but looks like even if that was the case, "Jill" was having none of that!

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Can't really blame her. The dude clearly crossed a line and needed that reality check. 

This isn't to say that strangers successfully spark a sexual connection all the time! Online especially! Even in places (Instagram, Facebook, another non-Tinder or, innocuous social network!) you may never expect it. But there's definitely the right time and place for hitting on someone, and this scenario was NOT it.

Can you believe this guy?!


Images via & Reddit

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