Wife Taunted by Husband's Mistress on Twitter Tweets Back Perfect Response

katherine nelsonToday I am grateful not to be the wife of multi-millionaire Delphi Financial Group CEO Robert Rosenkranz. Why? Because she was just publicly confronted by his alleged mistress via Twitter. A woman named Katherine Nelson tweeted "you must have known" to Rosenkranz's wife, Alexandra Munroe. The tweet included a photo of a hand-written note supposedly from Rosenkranz to Nelson. And the story gets even sleazier from there.


The note is on Rosenkranz 's personalized stationery and reads, "To me, two is a remarkable number." Munroe, the wife, sent back a blank reply, which is the Twitter version of a blank stare.

Whether that blank stare is because Munroe did, in fact, know about the affair is something we'll never know. But as far as I'm concerned, it's the perfect response.

What we do know is that Nelson has filed a lawsuit against Rosenkranz, claiming that when she began an affair with him, he "duped" her into signing a money-for-sex agreement. Supposedly he promised her a six-figure payoff in exchange for Nelson keeping her mouth shut. They even had a lawyer present, she says.

Oh, but then! Not only did she never get the money -- and honestly, is there any other reason why a woman would want to have sex with a man 50 years her senior? -- but he may have cheated on her with another woman.

Nelson says she spotted Rosenkranz with another woman and that he pretended not to recognize her (because of course).

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It's like 50 shades of ridiculous in here, you guys. I mean, how is signing a money-for-sex document NOT a form of prostitution? Why would having a lawyer present somehow make that okay? And if you're ostensibly a married man's paid escort, what's with the jealousy? Worried this other woman is going to get paid more?

Not to mention -- dragging the man's wife into the fiasco is so low. But Nelson seems to think it's the heroic thing to do.


Like we said, Munroe may have known her husband was philandering. Or this could have been a terrible revelation to her. Either way, why drag her into the sordid mess? This is a woman who works at a major museum -- and she's been publicly humiliated for being married to a possible scuzzball. (We don't know for certain if Rosenkranz actually had an affair with Nelson, FYI.) This isn't about courage or THE TRUTH! It's about lashing out desperately when your evil plan doesn't work out.

What a mess! I feel for the wife, no matter how much she knew about her husband's doing. No one deserves this. And I respect her classy way of responding (or not responding) to her would-be tormentor.

What would you do if this happened to you?


Image via Katherine Nelson/Twitter

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