Dumped Dad Gets Sweet Revenge With Ex's Wedding Gown (PHOTOS)


Divorce can sometimes make people do really wacky things. But the project that heartbroken hubby Kevin Cotter, 41, embarked upon after his wife of 12 years abandoned him -- and her wedding gown -- in 2009 takes the (wedding?) cake. Wait 'til you hear and see this one!


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After Cotter's ex walked out, telling him he could do "whatever the f***" he liked with the dress, he and his family began to brainstorm ways he could repurpose the garment. The Arizona resident recalls: 

Over dinner with my parents and brother and sister-in-law I explained that I had her dress and that I did not know what I should do with it. A few creative suggestions were made and we agreed it would be fun to come up with a list of all the ways a wedding dress could be used. 

And, boy, what a list! The crushed but clever Cotter devised 101 alternate uses for the dress. And none of them is the boring old "I turned it into a cocktail dress" or "I shortened it into curtains." No, ma'am. These are some pretty unique transformations. Then he took it a step further!

He photographed himself turning the white satin and tulle gown into a dog leash, a tent, and even a Christmas tree skirt. Then he published the whole collection as a book! (Which might make a fun holiday gift for the divorced couples on your shopping list, just sayin'.) Talk about taking lemons and turning them into lemonade! 

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As you can imagine, his ex is none too pleased! But Cotter insists he didn't do it to be a jerk. He explains:

My wife hates it and thinks I am motivated by revenge -- which isn't the case at all. This honestly doesn't have anything to do with her. I did it for myself because I thought it would be fun and wanted to answer the question -- what can be done with a once worn wedding dress?

Well, he's certainly answered that question in 101 ways I probably wouldn't have come up with!

In addition to the gown getting a new lease on life, Cotter, too, has moved on. He's remarried. While initially his new bride swore she was going to get hitched in a bikini to prevent his chances of penning a sequel, she reconsidered and wore a wedding dress after all. I wonder what they're doing with it now? 

Have you used your wedding gown for any other purpose? If so, tell all!


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