Most People Have Rebound Sex Only a Month After a Breakup​

couple flirting in cafeLate Queen frontman Freddie Mercury once pleaded for anybody to find him "somebody to love," but if he was suffering from recent heartbreak, chances are he wouldn't have to wait very long to find just that! Turns out, the majority of us are able to score rebound sex at lightning speed post-breakup, according to new findings from University of Missouri researchers.


They surveyed people who had ended a relationship within the last eight months and found that 58 percent had sex with a new partner within the first month of their split. Yeesh!

At first blush, that seems ridiculously quick, right? Granted, the participants were all undergrads whose relationships and opportunities to meet new hookups are faster and more furious than the rest of us ol' fogies who've been out of school for some time!

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But researchers did cast a wider net with their analysis ... Their aim was to see, on an emotional level, why their subjects were so fast to jump in bed with someone new? And furthermore, if using sex as a coping mechanism could really help someone to emotionally get over the stress of losing a partner. 

Turns out, people who had been broken up with were more distressed, angry, and more likely to have sex with someone else in order to try to distract themselves from their negative emotions. In fact, over a third of the surveyed participants said they had rebound sex to "get over" their ex, while a quarter said they did it for "revenge." Eek. Still, not all that surprising, right?

The fact is that we all have an innate need to feel cared for and desired -- probably especially when we're going through a tough split. So it does make sense that recently brokenhearted people would seek out a new connection quickly. It's a fast fix to fill a void.

That said, it's obviously just a superficial bandage. Rebound sex, especially sought out under the guise of "revenge," isn't exactly the best foundation on which to build a lasting new relationship! Plus, it may end up leaving you feeling worse, because getting physical with someone you don't share an emotional relationship with can leave you feeling utterly empty and unfufilled. Ouch.

But should that stop us from using sex as a coping mechanism? Nah. As Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stager once advised me, the best way to get over someone is to hook up with "someone you're really attracted to," because "the minute you like someone else, you don't remember the other guy." Science may beg to differ, but it's also human nature, so what're you gonna do?!

What's the fastest you've ever rebounded after a breakup?


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