Bride Has Biggest Wedding Party Ever -- You Won't Believe How Many Bridesmaids! (PHOTO)


I don't know about you, but when I think of bridesmaids, I think of drama. Even though they might be family or dear friends, chances are one or more of them has some pretty strong opinions about the dress, the flowers, and the way they do or don't want to wear their hair. 

Even if you have a relatively small wedding party, you can still find yourself in constant negotiations in an effort to keep everyone happy. Well, now imagine having 44 bridesmaids as newlywed Jayne Lawrence did. Say what? Hard to picture, isn't it? Well here you go: 


biggest wedding

And that's not all! The bride, 50, of England, also had three ushers and a dozen page boys. (If you just said to yourself, "What the heck is a page boy?" I did too. It's a young male attendant. You're welcome.)

So, was Lawrence the ultimate Bridezilla or just a lady who didn't want anyone to feel excluded? Here's what she says:

I come from a really big family and I had always wanted to get everyone involved in my wedding.

It just so happens that now I’ve ended up with 44 wonderful women to help me!

Aw! That's not the only sweet part of this story. Though the bride and groom have known each other since they were 18, they didn't get together until they bumped into each other at a pub a decade ago. Their romance blossomed and here they are -- married -- one enormous wedding later!

I love that she didn't leave a single friend out, but imagine being a guest at that ceremony! You'd need the organist to play three different songs to accompany the bridesmaids just getting down the aisle! Then you'd have to wait for ages if each were introduced at the reception. (Let's hope they kept the bar open!)

Still, it looks like a LOT of fun was had by all, and, hey, when you find the love of your life, why not celebrate it in as big a way as possible?

Did you have a large or small wedding party?

Images © Jihan Abdalla/Blend Images/Corbis & via Caters News Agency

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