Alec Baldwin Gives Love Advice to Couples Trapped in a Cab With Him (VIDEO)

alec baldwin's love ride"You know, in my life I've always tried to help people avoid some of the mistakes I've made." This is what Alec Baldwin tells cute couple Corey and Francesca as soon as he's trapped them inside his cab for the new video series, Alec Baldwin's Love Ride. Don't laugh! It just so happens that Baldwin is an "internationally renowned relationship expert." Okay, go ahead and laugh. But some of the advice he and his behind-the-scenes love adviser, SNL writer Paula Pell, divulge might actually be useful. Let's see what they've got!


1. Every once in a while, you've got to be a little crazy and impulsive together. "You seem very level-headed," Baldwin and Pell tell the couple. "What do you do together to be impulsive?" The couple's answer, sadly, is "Get froyo." People, we can do better. If someone asks you that question, your response should be so exciting, you can't even say it on camera.

2. Ask each other what you could do better. This isn't about nagging. Take a moment and ask each other, "What's one thing you'd like me to do more or less of?" Hopefully your relationship is so healthy, the answer is something simple like what Corey says: "Put her dishes away in the dishwasher." Pell was hoping for something more interesting, along the lines of, "Spank me less -- or more."

3. Just do what I say. Are you with an Aries or a Taurus? If so, here's what Baldwin advises: "If everyone would just shut the f*&% up and do what we tell 'em to do, the world would be a better place." As a Taurus I have to agree. "Just try it!" Baldwin urges. "Try it for six years."

4. Say "I love you" every day. Is your partner still not doing what you tell him to do? Are you not a Taurus nor an Aries? Try this (probably more effective) bit of advice from Baldwin. "If you look him right in the eye and say 'I love you more than anything' every day, he will do whatever you ask him to do." Aww! "He will be your slave for the rest of your life."

Twisting uncomfortably in the cab, Francesca and Corey take turns looking each other in the eye and saying, "I love you." But Corey makes a tragic error. He says, "You and our puppy are the world to me."

Excuse me. Did he just say "you and our PUPPY"?!? Why is he bringing the dog into the picture? It's not "I love you and the puppy equally." It's "I love you more than ANYTHING." Guys, you should definitely love your wife or girlfriend more than your pets. A LOT more.

5. Be so adorable together that you give Alec Baldwin indigestion. "You guys are so cute together," Baldwin tells the couple. "You make me sick to my stomach." Maybe I misinterpreted the puppy slip. They really do seem deeply in love with each other.

What do you think of Baldwin's love advice? Would you be willing to jump in a cab with him for some relationship counseling?


Image via Above Average/YouTube

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