More & More of Us Are Getting Married -- Again!

newlyweds walking sunsetLet's face it: As crazy as it sounds, getting divorced is about as popular as wedding reality shows like Say Yes to the Dress. But the latest Pew Research Center marriage report shows we haven't completely thrown in the towel on tying the knot -- at least when it comes to doing it a second or third time!


"Previously married people are as willing as ever to jump back into wedlock," note the researchers, who found 23 percent of all married adults in the country -- 42 million Americans! -- have walked down the aisle more than once. For comparison's sake, consider that in 1960, only 13 percent of adults were remarried.

But we all know that a LOT has changed since Don Draper's day. Consider the fact that divorce is more acceptable (and common) now. And we're living longer than we did back then, so people have additional years to spend getting hitched again.

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Pew points out though that it's more so Baby Boomers who are tying the knot again. Turns out, 25- to 34-year-olds are less likely to remarry. Among that age group, 43 percent remarried in 2013, whereas 75 percent took a repeat trip down the aisle in 1960. We can assume that may be because there's a lot less social and economic pressure to be married these days.

In fact, those realities probably have a lot to do with the fact that marriage itself is in decline. A couple months ago, another Pew report cited a record-breaking 1 in 5 adults who are 25 or older had never married at all. Wow!

Hey, you know, to each their own. Really, all this data just boils down to how we're all pursuing love and happiness. More power to the people who feel like they don't need a ring on it and a marriage license to feel fulfilled. And good for those who do -- and maybe do again!

How do you feel about remarriage?


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