Paralyzed Veteran Surprises Wife With Amazing First Dance at Their Wedding (VIDEO)

michelle and joey johnson linnea lizAs poignant as putting on your wedding dress, walking down the aisle, or saying your vows can be, one of the most emotional, memorable moments of any wedding has to be the first dance. It's a moment that may not have happened at all for a paralyzed veteran and his new wife. But thanks to loyal friends and a bit of ingenious engineering, a loving groom was able to go above and beyond to make his bride's greatest wish come true.

That groom was Sgt. Joey Johnson, 27, who served 10 months in Afghanistan. Shortly after arriving home from Forward Operating Base Salerno in Khowst, he met Michelle Johnson at a country music concert back in 2012. The two bonded over not only sharing the same last name, but the same birthday (June 29). Wow! But tragically, only four months later, Joey -- who started riding a motorcycle to better cope with his PTSD -- got into an accident, which left him a paraplegic, without any feeling from the chest down.


In the months that followed, the couple's relationship only grew stronger, and last year, they got engaged. Fast-forward to their wedding day, and Joey's friends helped him surprise his new wife in an absolutely breathtaking way.

While Michelle was resting in the bridal suite, Joey's friends rigged a harness system that allowed him to stand and dance with her sans wheelchair.

As you can imagine, the expression on Michelle's face, the couple's embrace, and their dance to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri -- captured by wedding photographers Rachel Linnea and Sarah Liz of Linnea Liz Photography -- were worth a million words.

michelle and joey johnson linnea liz first dance michelle and joey johnson linnea liz first dance

michelle and joey johnson linnea liz first dance

michelle and joey johnson linnea liz first dance

And here's a news report featuring video footage of the dance.

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Said Michelle of the beautiful moment:

If you know Joey, he cannot keep a secret. But he made my dreams come true, and I never knew how special our day would really be. 

Absolutely incredible. Can't imagine there was a dry eye in the reception hall that night. Talk about a first dance to remember and cherish.

"Everyone was crying in the room," Michelle said. "It was so amazing to be eye to eye with him again and such a dream come true."

How did you react to these images? What was your first dance like?

Images via Linnea Liz

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