Husband Proposes to Wife of 38 Years After Finding Her Long Lost Wedding Ring (VIDEO)

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Kay Butler was devastated when she lost her wedding ring more than 15 years ago. She and her husband Dave looked everywhere for it but couldn't find it. They eventually gave up, assuming that it had been left somewhere or stolen, never to surface again.

Imagine her surprise when her husband of 38 years got down on one knee in the garage with the lost ring in his hand! Kay was so stunned and overjoyed, she literally fell to the floor.

Dave Butler found the missing ring in a small wooden box and told his daughter Lacey. He decided to propose to Kay all over again with it, and Lacey would videotape the big moment. She did, and since she posted the clip to YouTube, it's gone viral. Take a look ...


It's so sweet! I love how Kay is busy rearranging the closet in the garage and sees her husband on one knee but carries on with her cleaning, thinking nothing of it. And when she's done and turns around to find him still there on one knee with the ring in his hand, she falls to the ground in disbelief. You can just feel the love between these two. The happiness that finding the ring brought! Tears of pure joy!

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And then that hug -- that hug that probably transported the Butlers back to 38 years ago when they first made their promise to love each other in good times and bad -- it was the perfect moment. And the ring still fit, even after all those years.

I love that Dave didn't just give Kay the ring. Instead, he made a production out of finding it by asking her to marry him again. That's love. That's a lesson in keeping love alive.

Marriage is saying "I do" every day to the person you married. It's choosing that person over and over again through all the tough things life can bring. It's being understanding, accepting, and loving -- and never forgetting the romance. Dave Butler sure hasn't.

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During that incredible embrace, Kay said yes again. We wish all the best to this sweet and inspiring couple. They're a good reminder that even after decades of marriage, the romance should never end.

Have you ever lost something very meaningful like a wedding ring? What do you think of Dave Butler's sweet proposal?


Image via ilovebutter/Flickr

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